If you are climbing Mt. Fuji for the first time, Yoshida route is recommended!

If you are climbing Mt. Fuji for the first time, Yoshida route is recommended!

-Why do people gather to the Yoshida route?-

There are 4 main mountain trails that are approaches to the top of Mt. Fuji. For each of the four routes, describe their features and the elevation of the fifth starting point.

1 Yoshida route


Climbers are the most crowded, but mountain huts and first aid stations are substantial.

2 Subashiri route


It is comfortable because it walks through the forest until the 6th station. Joined with Yoshida · Kawaguchi route on the 8th station.

3 Gotenba route


There is the largest difference in elevation to the top, and it is relatively vacant for a hard climb.

4 Fujinomiya route


It is the shortest distance to the summit but there are steep slopes of gravel. It is the only route overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Because the altitude of 5th station is so different like this, of course, the time required for ascent and descent is significantly different. Initially, beginners are confused as there is no fixed distance and height for “~ station”.

Well, why do modern people gather to Yoshidaga mountain trail?

To be sure, more than 60% of people aiming for the top of Mt. Fuji will choose Yoshida route. Access from Tokyo is convenient, and only Fuji Subaru line which continues to the 5th station is suitable for driving. Besides private cars, the convenience of railways and express buses is also high. In addition, mountain huts and relief centers are the most frequent on the climbing road from the 5th gear, and the worry of the toilet will be less. Response to injuries and diseases is also smooth.

It is a climbing route that can be said to be the best friend of the beginner.

Of course, on the weekend during the season, you can also enjoy a great line like “the first shrine visit of the new year”.

In addition, the presence of Yamanashi Prefecture’s “5 th control center” is quite large. During the season, a lot of Mt. Fuji specialists are stationed, including guides, police, firefighting, interpreters, and medical teams. Mt.Fuji most beautiful toilet and resting place (both are free), and at the counter, they also accept free guides, as well as advice for climbing. In recent years foreigners making use of this service have increased rapidly, about the same as the number of Japanese users.

The three major conditions for successful fun climbing are “Knowledge, Technology and Luck”. Beginners of luck are increasing rapidly, but at the very least you will get the minimum knowledge and skill at the time of receipt of rental at Soranoshita and this “5th consultation management center” in Yamanashi Prefecture.

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