The warm clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing

The warm clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing

Do I need to have a down jacket as the warm clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing?

In the summit of Mount Fuji, it is about around 3 to 10 degrees at the daytime of the midsummer, may sometimes become nearly 0 degrees.
Furthermore, the sensible temperature becomes below the freezing point if wind blows, and it rains. So the warm clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing is necessary.

How to choose the warm clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing

As for the clothes of the Mt.Fuji climbing, wearing layer is basic. Because the temperature on the bottom is like the midsummer and it become fall to the temperature of the winter as you climb it. In addition, by weather, it may come to have very intense temperature difference. You wear and take it off the warm clothes depend on the temperature and weather. In addition, it is important that you regulate body temperature during Mt.Fuji climbing and a break, and that you prepare for so that you take it off immediately and wear it. It’s good to wear the rain wear on the top. Therefore, the warm clothes which you can wear it under the rain wear when you need it and you can put into the backpack easily and compactly when you don’t need it is good. You should prepare the warm clothes which is light, compact, and warm well.

We Soranoshita provide the down jacket for mountain climbing as the warm clothes

We prepare the down jacket for the mountain climbing if you can choose Mt.Fuji climbing set (seven items) of Soranoshita. Of course the one piece of article order only for down jackets is OK, too. It is light, thin, but very warm! It always get on the high rank of the product that it was good to borrow it when we take the questionnaire to the visitor who had they use it.

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