Trekking pole for Mt.Fuji climbing

Trekking pole for Mt.Fuji climbing

Looking at the people climbing Mt. Fuji, they may have something like a cane. This is a trekking pole, a tool that supports walking while climbing Mt. Fuji, and it is a convenient climbing tool that also becomes a pole of a tent when necessary. And the trekking pole is rich in variety, such as the type of grip and the joint system, so you need to choose what suits yourself.

The role of trekking pole

The great role of the trekking pole while climbing Mt. Fuji is in keeping balance. The road to the top of Mt. Fuji is not all paved, so if it rains it will have to walk on the muddy ground and sometimes you will slide if snow falls. By using the trekking pole, the burden on the body during climbing Mt. Fuji will be reduced, and the balance can be maintained. There are two ways of using one trekking pole and two using trekking poles. In the case of one case, it is important to keep balance, and in the case of two, it is often used as power. We call each as single stock, double stock.

About the type of trekking pole and how to choose

There is a big difference in shape between single stock and double stock. Since single-stock ones are T-shaped, you can grab even with small forces, so it is easier to balance even elderly people, especially in Mt. Fuji climbing descending it demonstrate its role. The double stock is I-shaped, and you climb Mt. Fuji in the same way as how to use the stock of ski. Therefore, although climbing shows a great power, when you go down, you can see many Mt. Fuji climbers walking and holding two stocks with one hand. When choosing a trekking pole, it is a point whether to use as a power while climbing Mt. Fuji or emphasize balance.

Points of how to use trekking pole

The point of using the trekking pole is to distinguish between climbing, downhill and flat. In climbing a single stock, it is a point to walk, making it one more fulcrum. Therefore, if you are right handed, support your body by putting the right hand at the same time when you put the right foot forward, let’s balance. In case of left handedness, when you put out the left foot, take out the balance with the left hand stock at the same time. This is the same even for a flat road. In the case of descending, we will create a fulcrum by stock. When you descend from the left foot, balance with the stock of the right foot and the right hand. When descending from the right foot, balance is taken by creating a fulcrum with the stock of the left foot and the left hand. Using the double stock for Mt.Fuji climbing, take out the right hand left foot and the left hand right foot at the same time, use the two stocks to pinch the ground, let’s walk the same way with the flat road. If it is a gentle descent, you can use it like a single stock with one hand, but we recommend that you store it on steep slopes to ensure freedom of both hands when you fall.

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