Amiyaki HANA – Restaurant at Kawaguchiko

Amiyaki HANA – Restaurant at Kawaguchiko

When you come to Kawaguchiko, it’s harder to find restaurant than Tokyo or other big city.
In this blog, I’d like to introduce some restaurants for you.
I’m happy if it would be a little help to find your favorite food in Kawaguchiko!

Amiyaki HANA

Today I’ll introduce Amiyaki Hana.

They are a sister-shop of KUKUNA, Fujikawaguchiko Resort & Spa,
and their theme is “The restaurant which has Hawaiian aroma at Kawaguchiko”.

You can have international lunch and dinner
with seeing Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko from the window.

They mainly serve “Yakiniku” which is Japanese barbecue,
but you can also enjoy stone-roasted food in lunch time!

  • Carbonara sauce bibimbap

  • Cheese curry bibimbap

  • Loco moco bibimbap

Hawaiian, Korean, and Japanese are mixed and they’re innovative dish.

The price is 1260 yen, but it includes salad and soup!

And after all, you can also select homemade dessert as well!
It’s very reasonable and you may have full stomach.

Restaurant information – Amiyaki HANA

Amiyaki HANA



Opening hours:11:30~14:00 (LO 13:30) /17:00~22:00 (LO 21:30)

Regular holiday:Wednesday (except August)

English 〇  Credit card 〇  Wi-Fi 〇

I hope you’ll enjoy it 😀

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map