What is the mountain railway which runs in the neighborhood most of Mt.Fuji?

What is the mountain railway which runs in the neighborhood most of Mt.Fuji?

Fuji mountain railway is a tourist train of the private railway(not JNR) “Fuji Kyuko Line”. The Fuji Kyuko Line is a route of 26.6 kilos to link Kawaguchiko Station from Otsuki Station of JR Chuo Line. Because it is the station which is the nearest to the starting point of a mountain climb of Mt.Fuji, from not only the all over Japan but also the foreign countries, people for the purpose of Mt.Fuji climbing and the sightseeing at the foot of Mt.Fuji use this train.

What is Fuji mountain railway?

Fuji mountain railway is the tourist train that Fuji Kyuko Line started service on August 8, 2009. There are two-car formation of “red Fuji” and “blue Fuji”, and Mr. Eiji Mitooka of the industrial designer work on the design. Other than a predetermined fare, “a taking a seat ticket” of 200 yen is necessary. In a capacity system, the individual can reserve from two weeks ago and the group can from one month ago. The Fuji mountain railway runs leisurely between Otsuki Station and Kawaguchiko Station for one way 55 minutes. The decoration is the atmosphere that is nostalgic by a design in imitation of a vehicle at the time of the Fuji Kyuko establishment of a business. In “blue Fuji ,” interior decoration is based on blue, and the interior decoration of “red Fuji” is based on red. They guide the point that you see Mt.Fuji very well during a run by broadcast in the car. In addition, for a foreign tourist, there is the explanation in English, too.

Inside Fuji mountain railway

The interior of the Fuji mountain railway is settled with a nostalgic modern atmosphere using the natural material of a tree and the cloth. A seat of various form is in the inside of train, and there are the playpen which loge suitable for a family and the group, sofa seat, counter seat enjoying the prospects, baby circle small child can spend at ease. In addition, there is Kids outlook corner behind driver’s cab, which you can see the train driving and enjoy the front prospects. There is a library with the document about Mt.Fuji and the railway in the Fuji mountain railway. As for the person toward Mt.Fuji, you can gather information of Mt.Fuji. The decoration which made special product “Kaiki” of Fujiyoshida-shi along the line a motif everywhere is displayed in the train and pleases the eyes of a person getting on. There is the sale corner of original goods to be able to buy only in the inside of train. There are some goods as the original notebook, a handkerchief, Mount Fuji-shaped “Fuji-ricecracker” and the candy whose the design of the Fuji mountain railway were kneaded into.

The surroundings of the root of Fuji mountain railway

The Fuji mountain railway runs in the mountainous area. In Otsuki Station that is the starting point, 358m above sea level, Kawaguchiko Station of the terminal are 857m above sea level, and, for to Kawaguchiko is uphill slope, to Otsuki is going down. As for the incline, the Fuji mountain railway runs at the considerably steep point. It’s lush along the line and there are a waterfall and the forest and can look at the garden city which harmonized with nature in the neighborhood of Tsurushi Station. There is a lot of rice fields along the line and you can enjoy cool car window scenery in summer. In the train window of the Fuji mountain railway, Mt.Fuji often appears. You can enjoy Mt.Fuji of various expressions from Fuji mountain railway. There is “Fujisan station” on the way, and a route bus to the fifth station of Fuji Subaru Line arrives and departs. The station which is the nearest to the Mt.Fuji starting point of a mountain climb “is Kawaguchiko Station”. Kawaguchiko Station is renewed in 2006, and there is cafe restaurantGATEWAY FUJIYAMAin the wooden station building and can spend it slowly.

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