The clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing -When descending-

The clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing -When descending-

Descending of Mt.Fuji climbing

You need to be careful about dust when descending. A red soil is on the lava zone of Mt. Fuji. It is hidden in the snow during the winter, but appears in summer. Because it is wet with rainy season in July, it does not get much dust. However, in August when the sunny day continues, the soil on the surface also dries and the expression of Mt. Fuji gradually turns into a reddish color. At that time a lot of dust flew. In the Yoshida route, Subashiri route and Gotemba route, measures must be taken as it passes through a place with many red soil during the descent.

Anti-dust measures with mask and sunglasses!

Let’s have a mask! It is not necessary to be an expensive mask. Because it is a mask to not inhale sand directly, it is okay with the remainder of the mask used at the time of pollen! A towel or a bandana can be substituted, but a mask which does not have to worry about the deviation is convenient. Also, you need the sunglasses. Especially people who are wearing hard contacts are absolutely necessary. Previously, although I was wearing hard contacts, I forgot sunglasses and climbed Mt. Fuji, it was the worst. My eyes hurt and I always cry. I had to step down while closing my eyes and I could not move on at all. Sunglasses are necessities for people wearing contacts. People who do not have contacts still feel pain when dust enters the eyes. Let’s bring sunglasses with or without contact.

Leggings are also useful if you have one!

Originally, leggings (gaiter) is used to prevent snow from entering the shoes, but for climbing it is also used to prevent rain from entering the shoes. For Mt.Fuji climbing, you can use it so that gravel and pebbles will not enter the shoes. I think that there are also people saying “I do not care about such fine details!”, But it is something to worry about when pebbles enter the shoes after all. If you have spats, let’s mount it in the descending mountain.

Trekking pole is a big success! !

Frequently asked from customers when renting “Do I need trekking poles for Fuji climbing?” When I recommend it and bring it to that person, at the time of return, “When there is no trekking pole, it was impossible for the climb!” Most customers say! There seems to be a big difference between the image of the beginning of the beginner and the image when actually using it. It is for this reason that No. 1 of things that almost people was happy to bring with rent is trekking pole. Why do beginners change images as well? People do not need a staff in walking in everyday life, so it seems to them that there is no necessity for a staff climbing Mt. Fuji. However, around the time of descending, fatigue is also in a state of peak. With feet that felt exhaustion fatigued, you face a state where you have to go down a quite steep slope for several hours. Let’s prepare the trekking pole by predicting the fatigue condition.

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