The point of Mt. Fuji climbing – From the experiences of Mt. Fuji climbing –

The point of Mt. Fuji climbing – From the experiences of Mt. Fuji climbing –

Experiences of people who made Mt.Fuji climbing successful

At Soranoshita, we receive impressions and questionnaires every year from many customers who went to Mt.Fuji climb. The opinions and comments received from customers who experienced Mt. Fuji climbing are very helpful even for us Soranoshita and for customers who are planning to climb Mt. Fuji from now on. The opinion that most of the valuable questionnaire of the people who succeeded to climb Mt. Fuji was that rain protection, anti-cold measures, altitude mountaineing measures were thoroughly done. Let ‘s take a look at points of Mt. Fuji climbing today based on opinions from such seniors.

“Rain wear” to resist the harsh wind and rain of Mt. Fuji

Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, as you know. Even in the summer season, which is the general Mt. Fuji climbing season, sudden heavy rains and stormy weather are hit. Also, you sometimes climb in the drizzle on the day when clouds are on. The opinion that many people who succeeded in climbing Mt. Fuji is a voice saying “We prepared good rain wear anyway”. Be sure to prepare rain wear which became upper and lower set for mountaineering, even if it seems that the weather is good. The coat rainwear alone is not useful at all. Also, those made of vinyl material will be torn soon and can not be used. Rainwear for climbing a proper manufacturer is mostly using moisture-permeable water repellent material, it is hard to steak even if sweating, it is comfortable. Even if it does not rain, you can always wear it as a windbreaker. Soranoshita’s rain wear, of course, is prepared with all of breathable water repellent material. Especially the type of rain wear using the material called Gore-Tex is excellent in comfort, light comfort, recommended.

“Zack cover (rain cover)” to protect important packages from rain

People who visit Mt. Fuji, the one most likely to forget a lot of people is “Zack cover (rain cover)” put on the backpack. A person who gave up Mt. Fuji climb, there was an opinion that “the luggage got drenched, it was cold enough to be frozen to death, I gave up and dropped down without changing clothes.” Not only Mt.Fuji climbing, clothes wet for climbing are very dangerous. Even if you do not get wet thanks to rain wear, it will be not good if baggage and change of clothes gets wet. Be sure to prepare a rain cover dedicated to the backpack. Soranoshita’s rental has zack covers for all zacks for free.

The contents of the luggage are put in a plastic bag, a staff bag, etc.

When packing luggage in the backpack, let’s put the contents in a plastic bag or a waterproof staff bag and put it in the backpack. Even with the Zack cover I wrote above, if it takes a long time, rain comes in from the back. Also, as you enter the clouds, you will always be drizzling, so even if you are doing a zack cover it will become wet and moist. Please be sure to put changing clothes and electronic equipment that you do not want to get wet in a plastic bag etc.

“Warm clothes” for preparing for the intense temperature change of Mt. Fuji

The summit of Mt. Fuji is the same temperature as Tokyo’s midwinter even in summer. Especially the summit of the mountain has no place to avoid the wind, so if the wind blows it will be a windshield. Also, if you wait for sunrise at the summit, you will be standing in the wind for hours, sometimes at the time when the first temperature in the morning falls, at the same temperature as midwinter. It is an image that is standing in the wind in the winter ski resort. In the questionnaire by Soranoshita users, the most common impression is “I’m glad to have a cold weather wear” and “I should have taken countermeasures against cold weather”.

Soranoshita’s Mt. Fuji climbing set (※ 7 set) includes the inner down or fleece jacket dedicated to mountaineering.                                           ※ Mountaineering set (6 set) is not included
It is light and warm, it is very popular!

Measures against altitude sickness “Frequent water supply is important”

Even if you devise measures for altitude sickness, it may take depending on constitution and physical condition. However, by taking countermeasures, you can make it difficult for altitude sickness to occur. One of the countermeasures for altitude sickness is frequent water supply. When you drink about two mouths every five minutes, moisture is absorbed by the body, so you can efficiently hydrate. If you feed water like 500 ml drink at once, it will be mostly discharged by urine or sweat, making it easy for altitude sickness and dehydration symptoms. Nonetheless, as you become exhausted, even PET bottles that you have poured into Zach will become troublesome by turning their hands. Therefore, it is recommended to use a water supply called hydration. Even if you do not take bottles one by one, you can drink water easily, so it is easy to feed frequently. Even in Soranoshita’s customer’s opinion, it is a product with many voices saying it was okay to borrow, so why not try using it?

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