Mt.Fuji climbing nighttime manual!

Mt.Fuji climbing nighttime manual!

If you know, the possibilities of choice will spread

There are two patterns to climbing Mt.Fuji in roughly divided. I will introduce one of them.

It is what is called “bullet climbing” for 2days without staying, for example,

1 Departure from all over Japan in the morning, arrive at the fifth station of Mt. Fuji from evening to night

2 Climb up to the mountain hut of the seventh to eighth consecutive from around 10 o’clock in the evening to midnight, and to take a nap    ※ There are times when you climb without taking a nap

3 Leaving the mountain hut at midnight, aim for sunrise at the top of Mt. Fuji early in the morning
※ People with confidence in physical strength go round the summit

4 Descending and getting on the way back to all over Japan

Currently, this bullet climbing at night is very unpopular.

As a specific reason, it seems that most of the request for rescue from mountaineers from Mt. Fuji comes from bullet climbers at night.

And as a result of Yamanashi Prefecture and other efforts, it was announced that the number of climbers of bullets in the night of 2013 decreased by 30%.

This flow surely becomes larger even after 2014.Yamanashi prefecture is confidently predicting that victims such as altitude sickness will surely decrease due to the reckless “nighttime bullet climber” reduction.

However, as “Soranoshita”, I can not agree fully. First of all, we should separate “bullet mountaineering” and “night climbing” separately and think that we should take advantage of climbing at night by separating it.

Climbing Mt. Fuji overcrowded, climbing at night is a valuable option.

In order to efficiently distribute climbers within a limited time of 24 hours, I think that various patterns of Mt. Fuji climbing should be installed. The burden on Mt. Fuji is also reduced.

I dare say. We do not deny the “climb of the bullet at night” overall.

One factor that makes Mt. Fuji climbing successful is to “shorten the time it is in the highlands.” If it exceeds 3000 m, oxygen pressure is also about two thirds of the flat ground.

From the viewpoint of “shortening the time of being in the highlands” it means that “mountain climbing at night” is also good.

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