Mt.Fuji climbing and animals

Mt.Fuji climbing and animals


“What are the animals that are the most numerous from the foot to the fifth consecutive eyes? ”

When asked, there is a person who answers “That’s human!” Some guys explain this way even the guide says interestingly.

The correct answer is “Mouse! ”

Most of them are small and pretty caterpillars. The length is about 10 cm and the weight is about 10 grams.

Yoshida climbing road is mostly a forest made above the lava flow, and there are countless small undulations that are convenient for the caterpillars to hide.

Hidden there quietly, but still living as a majority frantically.

* Although it is a private opinion, I think that there are few subjects that can withstand up as much as birds and animals.

So, we humans are climbing the mountain path of Yoshida entrance from the foot, “Is it probably the most likely to encounter this wild rat?”

Unfortunately, the answer is “deer”.

They have grown rapidly in recent years, and they are not very afraid of people and cars.

Although they often appears in the morning and evening, they jump out in front of the car as well as in public. The way it jumps out is like a cat, and once they jump out it will not return.

The tragedy that drivers encounter accidents without being able to avoid deer is increasing rapidly.

“If the deer jumps out, I can not do it without cutting the steering wheel! It can not be helped!”

As I told myself, when I saw that big and gentle presence actually jumped out, I unexpectedly cut the steering wheel and jumped into the rocky lava flow.

When walking on the mountain path on Soranoshita’s tour, I encounter “food stains of the caterpillar” and “feces of the deer”. I will also talk about this at that time.

I will talk about Mr. Fuji as it is!

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