The weather about Mt.Fuji

The weather about Mt.Fuji

The climbing season on Mt.Fuji starts from 1st July. But the weather won’t be stability that time. Because the begin of the climbing season has been the end of the rainy season in Japan. Or perhaps it won’t be end the rainy season. And Mt.Fuji is one of the single peak mountain. The complicated wind are created on the summit on Mt.Fuji by the wind from Suruga bay and Sagami bay and the north wind. The temperature and weather are great different between the summit on Mt.Fuji and 5th station on Mt.Fuji and the weather will change. So you have to check the information of weather.

It is the gap of altitude between 5th station and the summit of Mt.Fuji. The gap of temperature is great different (the temperature change -0.6℃ per 100m). It is the temperature like middle of winter on the summit of Mt.Fuji in summer. In addition, if the wind flows on the summit of Mt.Fuji under the summit and the flat ground are the same temperature, your sensitive temperature go down. Before sunrise, the temperature of summit go down to nearly 0℃ on Mt.Fuji. If you wait to see the sunrise on the summit of Mt.Fuji for long time, you may get hypothermia.

It is easily to episode of chain lightning in the summer. And then the weather change suddenly.

Which weather news does we have to check?

-Warning for weather-

The lightning warning issues are announced officially frequently in summer. You should evade climbing when the warning about weather of Mt.Fuji. Or you have to prepare the rain gears for corresponding to weather changing suddenly.

Weather Warnings / Advisories : Fuji-yoshida-shi

-Meteorological data-

It is the Amedas data of summit on Mt.Fuji(Altitude : 3,776 m) when you would like to know the the meteorological observation data of there.

If you would like to know the wind data of the summit on Mt.Fuji, you have to refer to the data of the wind direction and the speed over between Yamanashi-pre and Shizuoka-pre.

Wind : Tokai

In addition, Japan Meteorological Agency announced the Radar Now Cast (Precipitation, snow and tornado). You can look the the moving of rain cloud by the movie on the site from the day before to an hour later from now on.

Radar and Nowcasts(Precipitation, Thunder, Tornados) : Japan

The UV light of Mt.Fuji

The temperature of Mt.Fuji is down about -6℃ per 1000m, but The UV intensity is raised about 10% per 1000m. Moreover if the atmosphere is very clear on the mountain, the UV intensity is raised 50% per 1000m. The summit of Mt.Fuji, the place is 3776m, is poured down UV quantity that is nearly 140%. So you have to protect your eyes from UV ray.

The sunglasses are one of the required items under climbing mountain.

It is very important to protect eyes from UV ray. If eyes were continued to expose to the UV ray, the ray will give an evil influence to the eyes. So we recommend the sunglasses with UV protection that can protect from the dust and wind climbing on Mt.Fuji too.

And you have to bring the sunscreen. But if the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) was high level, person’s skin might be damaged. So you should bring two sunscreens that are the high level and the low level.

Let’s enjoy climbing Mt.Fuji to pay attention to the weather!

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