How to choose mat for camping?

How to choose mat for camping?

Today I will write about “How to choose mat for camping?” .

At first, I will answer the question often asked by customers!

Q. When renting a tent, should I also rent a mat?

A. Yes, it is much more comfortable if you also rent a mat.

Role of Mat for camping

The floor part of the tent is made of just one material like cloth.

Of course it is made of sturdy material and also water repellent, but it will be very painful if the bottom is stiff or where the river and the root of the tree are uneven because it is just a cloth.

Also the ground is cold in winter or on snow, and it may get wet with dewin in summer.

That is why you should use a mat on a tent!

Type of Mat for camping

There are two main kinds of mats spreading in a tent.

1. Mat for tent


It is a mat that covers most of the tent floor and it is like a carpet.

We, SORA no SHITA have “Folding Tent Mat 300” and “Folding Tent Mat 270” for rent but please note that these are not perfect size with the tent.

“Tough wide dome 300EX” we rent is 300 x 300 cm, but “Folding tent mat 300” is 295 x 200 cm.

The horizontal direction is almost perfect, but the lengthwise direction is about 1 m extra.

However, I think most people are less than 2m height, then you can put the luggage in this 1 m portion.

If you want to lay it all over, you can rent two and the remaining part can be used by stacking mat etc.

On the other hand, you should use the following mat which can be stored compactly for trekking because it becomes extra baggage.

2. Mat for sleeping bag


Mat for sleeping bag is mat that lay only under the sleeping bag and it is like a mattress of a bed.

There are many types that inflate by putting in air, and it is about 10 cm × 20 cm in size when it is stored.

You should choose this type when renting a tent for trekking.

SORA no SHITA rental list of sleeping mat

You can also rent mat at SORA no SHITA Kawaguchiko

SORA no SHITA Kawaguchiko also have rental mat.

Our shop is located just in front of Kawaguchiko station and you can easily rent without reservation if we have stock.

At the moment, we rent 2 type of mat, one is mat for tent, and the another one is mattress.

Folding Tent Mat 300




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