The socks for Mt.Fuji climbing

The socks for Mt.Fuji climbing

There are a hat, gloves and shoes to important things as the item which is necessary when you climb Mt.Fuji, but you should choose the socks which is suitable for climbing mountain. Some people think it’s just socks, but it’s one of the important item which affect fatigue of climbing mountain, so it’s important to choose carefully for enjoying Mt.Fuji climbing.

The function of the socks for Mt.Fuji climbing

The characteristic of socks for mountain climbing is thick. This is effective at all for filling of a gap between a foot and shoes. It is very difficult to wear the shoes which completely match your foot, but socks supplement it. To walk the long time by the mountain climbing, it is important to reduce foot and gap of shoes even a little, and therefore thickness is necessary. In addition, it is intended to reduce a shock to receive from shoes as much as possible. When you climb Mt.Fuji you will walk for a long time, so it is necessary to lighten a burden to suffer from a foot even a little. It features the point having in the material which is easy to let you emit sweat. A foot becomes easy to get sweaty when you climb a mountain because of course you sweat from a foot. You can keep your foot comfortable if you wear socks for mountain climbing. Depending on socks, there are the type to perform the emission of the heat with a mesh material efficiently partially. Furthermore, it’s superior in heat retention and the durability, and there is the type that enhanced a heel part and a tiptoe part.

How to choose the socks for Mt.Fuji climbing

You will choose the socks which there is a feeling of clamping moderately and a foot is hard to be tired when you choose the socks for mountain climbing. Particularly, it is important to choose the socks carefully for the person troubled by a shoe sore. One of the cause of shoe sore is that Sweat becomes the moisture, spread skin and soak in socks and fiber hardens. The type that mixed wool fabric and the chemical fiber with the humidity retention power is recommended because it becomes easy to let you emit sweat. The socks those material is cotton is unsuitable for the emission of the sweat. In the case of the climb a long way, it’s better to choose the long socks for mountain climbing because fatigue is unlikely to occur on your foot due to moderate tightening. In addition, it is important to choose the socks to suit you because the socks which are too thick are rather difficult to walk.

The normal socks is not good for Mt.Fuji climbing

It is not avoided that foot gets sweaty even if you did your best when you climb a mountain. It will take a long time for especially Mt.Fuji climbing. Otherwise The socks is the type absorb sweat firmly and has moderate thickness for mountain climbing, the sweat mugged in your legs lose its visit and the skin of the foot becomes soft and leads to shoe scuffing. Because an acute pain may be caused whenever you walk because of the shoe sore, I recommend that you purchase socks for mountain climbing not normal socks for Mt.Fuji climbing. In addition, there are the socks which do not satisfy a function for mountain climbing enough even if written that it is for mountain climbing. You will choose the socks of the brand with the trust as mountain climbing. If footwear is solid, you can spend even long-time mountain climbing more comfortably. Let’s set up socks for mountain climbing to avoid that your foot is painful and you cannot walk.

The original trekking socks of “Soranoshita” is good for Mt.Fuji climbing

We “Soranoshita” sell original trekking socks. It is socks for trekking using the thread which put fast-dry acrylic and wool together. It is hard to be stuffy and warm, and the deodorization effect becomes higher more by using wool approximately 3 times in comparison with general fast-dry wool blend socks. It’s super thick fabric suitable for Mt.Fuji climbing and pile cloth. It protect your foot with good cushion. The reliable quality that the product of same material is sold to for 2,000 yen in famous outdoor maker. Besides, it’s made in Japan. This is only for sale not a rental.

The purchase of the original trekking socks by “Soranoshita” is here

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