Should I make a reservation of the mountain hut?

Should I make a reservation of the mountain hut?

The mountain hut in Fujiyoshida

The Yoshida Trail is lined by more than a dozen mountain huts between the 7th and 8th stations. Other trails have fewer mountain huts. An overnight stay typically costs around 5000 yen per person without meals and around 7000 yen per person with two meals. Expect the huts to be extremely crowded during the peak. The Fujiyoshida City website lists phone numbers for reservations.

Some mountain huts also allow non-staying climbers to take a rest inside at a cost of typically 1000-2000 yen per hour. Most also offer paid toilets (typically 100-200 yen) and sell food, water and other climbing provisions such as canned oxygen. In addition, most of the huts have special branding irons they use to brand the wooden hiking sticks (for a small fee) that many hikers purchase when climbing the mountain.

You should make a reservation of the mountain hut

You need to make a reservation of the mountain hut of Mt.Fuji basically. If you have no booking of hut, you will not stay there in the case of crowded other than the emergency such as an accident, a disaster and cases affecting life. At first let’s make a reservation of the mountain hut if you make a plan of staying the mountain hut. When you get tired you can visit the mountain hut because there are the mountain huts which can take a nap without a reservation not staying.

When is it possible to make a reservation of the mountain hut from?

There are the mountain huts which accept a reservation from April 1 at best. The mountain hut of around eighth stage of the popular route is buried under the reservation of the weekend of August at the time of a reservation start of April 1 immediately. You make a plan by the end of March and should make a reservation on April 1 if you plan Fuji mountain climbing of the weekend.

Does the mountain hut open 24hours?

Some mountain hut open midnight but not all mountain hut does, and the time to open and close is different depend on the day of the week or season. In the case of a plan to act from night to late-night, it’s better to prepare meals, light foods and the drink because it’s serious if the mountain huts doesn’t open in spite of traying to supply meals and drinks in the mountain hut.

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