Mt.Fuji and the trees

Mt.Fuji and the trees

When the pollen season is over, it goes to Phytoncide heaven!

“What will heal your mind?”

There are data that many of Japanese answered that “I am healed by forest and forest green” on this question.

Just indeed the forest has a great effect in healing people’s mind and body.

However, in recent years there seems to be times when you are shunned because of the troublesome presence of “hay fever”.

In Mt. Fuji, pollen has become a troublesome heart despite the fact that there was an era when planting trees of cedar and cypress at the foot of the mountain.

But please do not worry.

If pollen of Hinoki weakens at the beginning of May, it will be from “windy May” to June. Phytoncide heaven comes.

Phytoncide is a component that young leaves emit to protect themselves from pathogenic bacteria and insects, and has outstanding sterilizing power.

Actually, this sterilizing power enhances our immunity and helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Of course it also heals mind and body.

Mt. Fuji, whose seasons are slower than the city, is the season of Phytoncide in May and June at the foot of the mountain.

However, this effect can not be expected above forest limit of fifth replica breitling station at Mt. Fuji.

“Soranoshita” holds various tours of this Phytoncide haven in May and June.

While enjoying Phytoncide all day, you will master the basics and enjoyment of mountain climbing.

This is the charm of Mt. Fuji climbing from the foot to the fifth station!

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
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