Mt. Fuji climbing for the first time! Three things to know

Mt. Fuji climbing for the first time! Three things to know

There are some things to know about when climbing Mt.Fuji for the first time. Mt. Fuji is a mountain with many mountaineers, but climbing in the same mood as a flat ground due to high altitude leads to an accident. Before climbing, you can prevent accidents by wearing necessary knowledge.

Mt.Fuji can be climbed for 2 to 3 months in one year

You can not climb Mt Fuji all year round. Climbing is possible from the head of July to the beginning of September, although depending on the mountain route. If you climb out of this time, the mountain hut is closed so you can not rest your body halfway, and it is impossible to procure water and food. It is difficult environment for beginners to climb. Also, Mt. Fuji is a mountain with a high altitude so the winter period is long. For this reason, it is only temporary summer time that there is no snow on the climbing road and can climb safely. The mountain hut of Mt. Fuji is a reservation system. It may be difficult to make a reservation during the weekend or the Bon Festival. When staying in a mountain hut, let’s make a plan early and make a reservation. It is possible to climb mountain comfortably and safely by acting systematically.

Assembling the plan of summit for Mt.Fuji

When you decide to climb Mt. Fuji, let’s assemble a climbing plan. Mt.Fuji has four climbing routes. For the first time, I recommend the Yoshida route where the facilities of the mountain path are substantial or the Fujinomiya route where the distance to the summit is the shortest. As for the schedule of climbing, there are popular plans to walk in the evening for sunrise and plans to stay one night in a mountain hut. If you are looking for sunrise, start climbing in the evening and walk to arrive at the summit by the time of the light. People who are not taking a break can easily plan, but we need physical strength to keep walking on the mountain route. When staying overnight in a mountain hut, we leave the starting point of climbing around noon and arrive at the mountain hut in the evening. Stay as it is, walk from early morning and aim for the summit. By spending a certain amount of time in a hut, you can adjust yourself to altitude and have the advantage of reducing the risk of altitude sickness. However, if the mountain hut is very crowded, there is also the possibility of walking without having enough sleep.

Prepare essential items for Mt.Fuji climbing

Equipment is necessary for Mt. Fuji climbing. Backpacks, trekking shoes, rain wear are necessities. Put water, energy food, warm clothes etc. in the backpack. For this reason, things like 30 liters will be easy to use. Regarding trekking shoes, it is safe to choose what has an ankle to prevent injury. In addition, the weather of Mt. Fuji changes easily and it may rain suddenly. It is safe to choose shoes that are water repellent. We strongly recommend rain wear that is divided into upper and lower parts. If the wind is strong you can not prevent the body from getting wet with the raincoat. If Gore-Tex’s rain wear, moisture does not stay and is comfortable. Besides this, a person who is planning to climb at night should have a head lamp. Since the temperature around the summit is like midwinter even in midsummer, it is convenient to have a thin down jacket or fleece jacket.

In addition, although you can purchase such equipment, you can also rent it.

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