Mt.Fuji climbing from the foot – Climbing from the first station –

Mt.Fuji climbing from the foot – Climbing from the first station –

Why do you want to climb Mt. Fuji from the foot?

I think there is no absolute answer to this question. Most of the climbers are able to go by car to the 5th station of the four climbing roads in Mt. Fuji, climbing from there with their own feet. Even so, the round trip to the top is a 10 hour journey. It is common to stay at a mountain hut and go on one night stay.

And this is the main theme. As you climb from the foot it is roughly that double road. I climbed up to the fifth station! When it is the mountain trail of Yoshidaguchi, you will start from “登山鳥居(Tozantorii)” in the back of “北口本宮富士浅間神社(Kitaguchihongufujisengenzinzya)”. The so-called “Kusayama(means Grass mountain)” road continues. It is like a nature trail. In my case, I do not believe in Mt. Fuji, so I just aimed for the 5th station while tweeting “It’s long to goal …”. While walking slowly on a gentle uphill slope pass through the tea house inside. Because I am somewhat boring, I practice W pole and pretend to listen to the birds’ voices and take a break. From the Oishi tea house, the course becomes monotonous, so raise the pace and go ahead.

“That is a gradation!” I thought that was when I caught the heads of the two monkeys (stone statues) near the torii on the way and then climbed the uphill gradually becoming tighter for about five minutes. It seems that the trees are getting drunk and they are gradually coming closer. If “Kusayama(Grass mountain)” is a secular world where people live, “Kiyama(Wood mountain)” is a little sacred area. I will prepare my heart to “Yakiyama(Burned mountain)”. By the way “Yakiyama” above the 5th station is a world of death without plants. In the Edo era, people were believed to die once in this area and be reborn.

When I was climbing the 4th station which was not a gentle uphill, I thought that it was an old story, I was convinced that “After all it was a gradation!” The mood changes little by little with the scenery. From the mood of “Kusayama” to the mood of “Kiyama”. I’m sure that it will change to the mood of “Yakiyama” if it passes the fifth station, that is such a confidence. This is really a good landscape optic. Even though I am climbing without faith, my mind changes little by little. Gradation of mind and body gradually changing. Eventually, it has become fun. I will not notice without climbing from the foot.

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