A spectacular view of Mt.Fuji climbing

A spectacular view of Mt.Fuji climbing

-The spectacular view of Mount Fuji is not only sunrise-

If you aim to see the sunrise at the summit of Mt. Fuji early in the morning, you will be going to climb a dark steep slope and resolve the queue, depending on the headlamp. Of course the view from the top is a masterpiece. You will find something unforgettable for the rest of your life.

For example, leave the fifth station early in the morning and stand on the summit before 1 pm.

In the process of about six and a half hours, there are a few problems even for beginners, such as how to take a break, how to take water, how to deep breathe, but relatively comfortable climbing is comfortable.

Mt. Fuji which is cool and relatively stable weather in the morning is just for climbing.

Let’s climb from 5th station of Yoshida route.

Leaving 5th station before 6 o’clock, taking a 3 or 4 minute break every 30 minutes, at a slow pace, but surely keep climbing. Even if you do not have thirst for every break, if you drink a small amount of water, you can reduce the amount of pee healthily.

Arrived at the seventh station in 2 hours 15-30 minutes. The rocky road is steep, wind and air getting cold. The mountains that are on the far side of the sea of clouds are the Southern Alps. Next to Mt. Fuji, “Kitadake” second highest in Japan, next to that “Kitadake” is the fourth “Ainodake” … but there are rituals necessary to love this superb view.

1 Turns to the top of Mt. Fuji

2 Breathe out greatly (Since the air has only about 70% of the flatland, you can not absorb it unless you exhale first)

3 Breathe in heavily

4 Push air entering the lungs towards the stomach for 2 seconds (surely absorbing less air)

5 Take a breath

6 Repeat 2 to 5 twice (that is, take a deep breath three times)

This is a deep breath while climbing. If you get used to it, blood oxygen will increase by nearly 10%.

Let’s look back to you as soon as you refresh yourselves and your minds.

In retrospect the Southern Alps is over the sea of clouds. Or a huge diorama with a lake accentuated below. Let’s enjoy the scenery loosely and relaxedly.

By the way, the day before you got a sleepy sleep in the bed of local accommodation. In dinner some alcohols are also recommended.

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