Japanese hot springs “Onsen” around Mt.Fuji

Japanese hot springs “Onsen” around Mt.Fuji

In Japan, we have lots of “Onsen” which is hot spring in Japanese.
Today I’ll show you some “Onsen” around Mt.Fuji!

The culture of taking a bath in Japan

Basically it’s a custom to take a bath every day in Japan.
It may be uncommon for people of other countries, but the purpose of taking a bath
for Japanese is not only to remove the dirts of the body, but also to be relaxed.

In fact, muscle get loose by soaking in a bathtub
and warming the body, and the blood circulation improves.

It is said one of the reason that we can take a bath every day is
it rains a lot in Japan, and our landform can save rain.

How to enjoy taking a bath in Japan?

We, especially Japanese women enjoy taking a bath.

We have “Hanshin-yoku” which is half body bathing.

This bathing method that soaking only the lower half of your body
is believed to have many benefits for your health such as
improving blood circulation, losing weight, and improving your skin condition.

The common way of enjoying “Hanshin-yoku” is

  • reading books
  • listening to music
  • making a bathroom dark and float candles
  • using various bath salts

Even though we usually have a bath every house,
we sometimes go to onsen to relax and enjoy bigger bath.

Also, natural onsen has lots of effect for cut, poor circulation,
atopic skin flame, insomnia, depressed mental state, and so on!

Spring quality and effects are differed in each hot spring,
so it’s interesting to go to onsen in several area and compare.

Japanese hot springs “Onsen” around Mt.Fuji

There are lots of onsen around Mt.Fuji, but I’ll introduce some of them.

Fujiyama Onsen

At first, I’ll show you the onsen which is located near Kawaguchiko.

Fujiyama Onsen

The natural “onsen” hot spring is situated inside the Fuji-Q Highland area and boasts high-quality exclusive pipeline, view of Mt. Fuji, and Japanese taste. The large bath area is one of the largest of such kind fully made by wood. The hydrogencarbonate-based water is rich in minerals, proven to have 20 types of remedies, and is said to produce beautiful skin. The grandeur view of Mt. Fuji in the rest area should provide additional refreshment. There is also an exclusive ladies’ floor, which comes with reclining chairs and esthetic services for a gorgeous time.

quoted from Fujikyuko website

Opening hours:Morning – 7:00~9:00  Regular – 10:00~23:00 open all year round

Weekdays price:Morning – Adult 620 yen Child 310 yen  Regular – Adult 1400 yen Child 700 yen
Holiday price:Morning – Adult 620 yen Child 310 yen  Regular – Adult 1700 yen Child 850 yen

Bedrock bath:10:00~23:00  500 yen

Car park:Free for customers of Fujiyama Onsen


The second one is near Saiko.

There are various type of interesting onsen in Yurari.

  • Cave bath – Dome-shaped bubble bath which is like Fuji wind cave is illuminated translunary.
  • Steam bath – The waste from the body is eliminated with sweat and lead to the stress emission.
  • Carbonated spring – It is used for beauty, health, and relieving fatigue purpose.

These are just part of their onsen!

Weekdays price:10:00~19:00 – Adult 1300 yen  Child 650 yen
19:00~22:00 – Adult 1100 yen  Child 650 yen

Holiday price:10:00~19:00 – Adult 1500 yen  Child 700 yen
19:00~22:00 – Adult 1300 yen  Child 700 yen

Car park:Free for customers of Yurari

Open all year round

Beni Fuji no yu

The last one is near Yamanakako.

Different seasons have different attractions at the open-air bath of Beni Fuji no yu.

  • Spring – You’re healed by both of hot spring and forest bathing by surrounded by fresh green.
  • Summer – You can see Mt.Fuji which is decorated by the light of mountain huts after sunset.
  • Autumn – Autumn leaves are colored and illuminated after sunset.
  • Winter – You can see solemn Fuji such as “Rouge Fuji” (Beni Fuji) and “Diamond Fuji”.

In Beni Fuji no yu, you can see Mt. Fuji closest among these 3 onsen.

Opening hours:10:00~21:00

Price:Adult 800 yen  Student 600 yen  Child 300 yen  Infant free
Ladies day:Every Friday, 600 yen (except holiday)

Car park:Free for customers of Beni Fuji no yu

Regular holiday:Every Tuesday (except holiday and peak season)

Onsen is recommended for every season!
I hope you’ll enjoy Japanese onsen 😀

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map