The mountain hut on Mt.Fuji -Is it better to book it when you plan to climb Mt.Fuji?-

The mountain hut on Mt.Fuji -Is it better to book it when you plan to climb Mt.Fuji?-

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“Is it better to book it when you plan to climb Mt.Fuji?”

Basically, you need reservation for the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji.

Basically, the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji needs to reservation. If you didn’t book the mountain hut, you cannot stay there for a night when the hut has been full except for accident, disaster and urgent such as to endanger one’s life.

The reason that if the hut accept one group, the hut cannot deal with more and more climber groups. So all mountain huts have no choice but to cancel them.

First, you book the mountain hut after you made a plan to climb Mt.Fuji.

There is some mountain huts not only to stay for a night but also to be able to take a nap. If you feel tired, we recommend you may ask to a staff of the hut.

When can we reserve the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji?

In some regions, the mountain hut accepts the reservation from 1st April.

The mountain huts around the 8th station on a popular route, when the reservation became available from 1st April, the hut has fully reservation until latter August.

If you make a plan which you will climb Mt.Fuji on holiday, you make it in March and you may reservation on this 1st April.

Are the mountain huts on mt.Fuji open 24 hours??

Some mountain huts are also open midnight. Others huts are open from night to before dawn. And the opening hours are different according to date and season then. If you’d like to buy food and drink there, but the mountain hut might be closed when you reach the hut. So we recommend that you will prepare food, ration and drink when you make a plan that you climb on Mt.Fuji in night.

What things can we do in the mountain huts on Mt.Fuji?

You can use the mountain hut on mt.Fuji which is not accommodation but also to be able to take a rest. Of course, there is some foods, water and shop such as to sell souvenir. Other guests can use the bathroom or such as shelter that is for accident, disaster and urgent such as to endanger one’s life. Thus you might to check the mountain hut where is place and how long does it take to next hut.

The mountain hut on mt.Fuji such as accommodation.

You can rent simply sleeping goods in the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji. Basically, you don’t need to bring your sleeping bag. Each climber is different time to enter and to go out from the hut. So there is noisy in all day, we recommend that you bring Eye mask and Earplugs. On the contrary, you have to be conscious that you don’t make noise in the sleeping room. Of course, there is no shower and no bath in the hut. If you concerned, you need to bring something to wash your body.

The food of the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji.

If you were guest and the hut has with half board, you can eat dinner and breakfast (this is a lunch box). The dinner menu is almost curry rice. The break fast menu is rice ball or lunch box type. So you can eat that in outside. If you were not guest, basically you can buy drink or meals and snacks. You can buy the 500ml plastic bottle which of price is from several 100 yen to before and behind 500 yen.

The bathroom in the mountain hut on Mt.Fuji.

Would you like to use the bathroom, you need to pay chip to use them. The price is between¥100 ~ 300. So you have to bring coins when you climb Mt.Fuji. Some mountain hut, the guest can use it for free. Basically, the bathroom has toilet paper. You’re ready just in case, you might bring flushable tissue paper. You have to obey to disposal the method when the staff give you instruction.

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OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map