How to walk on Mt.Fuji.

How to walk on Mt.Fuji.

If you are a beginner to climb Mt.Fuji, the blog is helpful to you. I’ll advice to you getting the hang of no tired when you climb and how to walk on Mt.Fuji. You’d like to say, “Do I need to learn walking tips?”. But in case of the walking for long time is different to daily walking. The beginning climber have to know the tips.

Your fatigue degree can change if you know the walking tips for climbing Mt.Fuji.

Walking, you do it every day. Perhaps some persons that are commute by foot have confidence to walk. Does the person who walking a lot has advantage of climbing Mt.Fuji? Of course they have stronger muscle than the person who is walking some day. Even though if you had strong muscle, you might not to bear to climb Mt.Fuji for long.

Walking tip to climb is influence to go down on Mt.Fuji.

The surface of Mt.Fuji is like sand, so you can easy to slide down. When you go down on Mt.Fuji, you have to keep your feet. When you are beginner and to be in this situation, perhaps you will have no power to going down on Mt.Fuji. If you can’t keep your feet, you may be afraid to advance. And you will be climbing for long time about 6 or 7 hours. Your body get more and more tired. Almost beginners may not think like “When you go down on Mt.Fuji, you need to use your foot muscle.” And therefor the almost beginners of Mt.Fuji say that going down is more tough than climbing on Mt.Fuji.

Using your heel when you climbing Mt.Fuji

How to avoid the situation when you go down Mt.Fuji? We recommend you have to use your heel when you climb. What does it mean? We’ll teach you about this meaning. Basically, the heel is the first on the ground when we walk on the flat road. We think climbing is same movement of the foot on the flat. But this is completely different. In the truth, the toe is the first on the steep when you climb.

For examples, please image when you go up stairs on a narrow stairs. You don’t use your heel but you can go up. Actually, this way of walking make very tired your foot. Especially your calf you use. It is OK that step counting is several dozen. But it is tough you have been walking for several tens of thousand on Mt.Fuji.

So what should we solve this problem? When you go down, you shall beware to walk using only heel. The heel is the first when you climb and going down on Mt.Fuji. You don’t as much as possible to use your calf. Instead of that, you use possibly your trunk.

Trekking pole is helpful walking for beginner.

I want you to practice on a small mountain in Japan for being able to walk like the above naturally. First, you will master the walking way for Mt.Fuji.

Your foot may be tired in spite of that you mastered way of walking.  If you think you cannot go down on Mt.Fuji anymore, you can be arranged the horse you can go to the first aid station on Mt.Fuji. You may be in the situation. So you shall bring Trekking poles to avoid the situation. If you have the trekking poles, it can disperse the power of foot to your hands. Almost beginners say that I were glad I brought the trekking pole to Mt.Fuji.

The beginner of climbing Mt.Fuji will bring the trekking pole just in case something should occur.

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