Hoto – Local food of Yamanashi

Hoto – Local food of Yamanashi

In Yamanashi prefecture, we have some local food, and “Hoto” is one of that.

Today I’ll tell you about our local food, “Hoto”.

What is Hoto?

Hoto is a traditional dish in Yamanashi made with thick noodles and lots of vegetable.

I recommend you to have Hoto
especially in autumn to winter because the hot soup make your body warm.
Hoto is not only delicious but also it has good digestion, and nutritious.

Although there are various theories, there is a legend
that Samurai Shingen Takeda cut noodles into long pieces by the trasure sword
which name is “Hoto” , that’s why this food is named “Hoto”.

Where can we have Hoto?

Around Kawaguchiko, there are many Hoto restaurant,
but I’ll tell you some famous restaurant among them.

Hoto Fudo

2 of most famous Hoto restaurant is “Hoto Fudo” and “Hoto Kosaku”.

Hoto Fudo has only one Hoto which name is “Fudo Hoto”.

You can add their secret spice which is made with selected 7 spices.
This flavorful spice bring out the taste of Hoto more.

Hoto Kosaku

Another one is Hoto Kosaku.
They have a lot of menu of Hoto such as pumpkin Hoto, pork Hoto, mushroom Hoto etc…

They are proud of their fresh and organic noodles, and original dashi and miso.
Also, they cook Hoto on fire in an iron pot individually
after receiving an order, then you can enjoy freshly cooked Hoto anytime.


This is the restaurant specializes in seafood Hoto.

Their special seafood Hoto is fully added of seafood such as
scallop, salmon, cod, prawn, crab, salmon caviar etc…

They are searching new menu and possibility of traditional Hoto,
that’s why they named their shop as “HOUTO LABO”.

Hoto is traditional and historical food in Yamanashi.
I hope you’ll enjoy our local food “Hoto”!

OPEN9:00 - 18:00
SORANOSHITA KAWAGUCHIKO3631-2 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Google Map