Waterproof and water repellent method for Backpack

Waterproof and water repellent method for Backpack

Backpack is not basically waterproof

The backpack for climbing is basically not waterproof, except for some. It is because the weight of backpack becomes heavier and it becomes less flexible when waterproof. During climbing, when winter goods, replacement clothes, sleeping bags get wet, sometimes it is related to life and death. When climbing, measures against water wetness of luggage are very important.

Rain cover for backpack

By covering the outside with a rain cover for the backpack, it is possible to prevent the penetration of water to some extent. However, it is not uncommon for rain to fall sideways on a mountain with strong winds, and water will enter from the gap and the back which can not be covered with the rain cover. So let’s take measures against water wet inside. Depending on the backpack, there are some with a rain cover attached or not attached, so if you do not have one, you need to prepare for the size separately. “Soranoshita” rental Backpack has all rain cover.

Cover the interior with a water resistant staff bag

It is quite relieved if you put the baggage in a waterproof bag. This can be a plastic bag or garbage bag. At the very least, please take rain cover on Backpack and put sleeping bags and changing clothes in plastic bags.

Drop roof which is water repellent finish is constructed to take measures against water wetness

As I mentioned earlier, backpacks are not very water repellent and waterproof at the time of shipment from the manufacturer. If Soranoshita’s water repellent processing service “Drop Roof” is constructed, it will not be completely waterproofed, but it can significantly reduce water wetting. If it is raining a little, you do not have to attach a rain cover, there is no problem! With water repellent spray, sustainability is totally different!

For the effect of Drop roof, please watch this video!
Water repellent verification by wearing water! ~ Backpack version ~

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