How to select the tent type?

How to select the tent type?

How many tent types in the world?

Roughly speaking, there are 3 types in the tent types.

  1. Mountain Tent
  2. Camping Tent
  3. Touring Tent

The tent type -Mountain Tent-

Mountain Tent that is focused to light and compact is used almost climbing mountain. Thus the mountain tent is worse comfortable than the camp tent. Same the maximum capacity of the tent but the mountain tent is smaller and shorter than the camping tent. And mountain tent is very light and it can fold to small it. So it is very comfortable when you move to carry the mountain tent in the climbing or the hiking or when you have to ride in the public transport. The mountain tent is useful in the  place such as “Music Festival” where is lots of people and they move long trail. The size of mountain tent for 4 person is that the weight is 2 ~ 3kg and the size is 15cm×30cm in folding style. In addition, it is easy to build and speedier than other tent type. You can build it just from a few tens seconds to a few minutes!

The tent type -Camp Tent-

Camp tent that is focused on the wide and comfortable is used almost in the auto camp site. Thus the camp tent is heavier and bigger than the mountain tent. And under the same number of person, the camp tent is created wider and higher than the mountain tent. In addition, the poles of camp tent is made tough. But the camp tent for 4 ~ 6 person is that the weight is 10 ~ 13kg and the size is about 30cm×70cm. So it is not so easy to carry the camp tent for long way. The way to build the camp tent is more complicate than the mountain tent. The latest model of camp tent is made for the beginners to easy to create. It takes about 10 ~ 20minutes to build when the beginners build the camp tent.

The tent type -Touring Tent-

The speck of touring tent is between the mountain tent and the camp tent. The touring tent has portability and the comfortable like the camp tent. The touring tent for 2 ~ 3person is about 5kg and the size of folding style of this tent is about  20cm×30cm.

The number of persons and the size.

Mountain Tent

For example, one of the mountain tent such as “Stellaridge Tent 4” (produced by mont-bell) is 200cm×230cm. The case of 4 persons sleeping in the tent, the width of each person is about 50cm. The space of mountain tent is for just sleeping. Thus if you make plan the camp, the mountain tent is not suitably for the camping. The other word, if you will climb the mountain, you have to think the weight against the comfortable. You can think about the number of occupants in the mountain tent equals the number of people in it.

Camping tent

Camping tent is made wider than the mountain tent. But depending on the situation, if you choose the same number of persons and the number of person in the tent, you feel cramped the tent.

Touring tent

Touring tent is made like Camping tent but not so large. Almost the size of touring tent is for 2 ~ 3 numbers of persons.

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