How to enjoy climbing on Mt.Fuji. -The animals and the plants on Mt.Fuji-

How to enjoy climbing on Mt.Fuji. -The animals and the plants on Mt.Fuji-

We think you might to climb focus on Mt.Fuji, but there is the animals and the plants on Mt.Fuji that you cannot see ordinary. In addition, animals and plants in the high latitude ground are smaller than kind of species of the lower ground on mountain. More and more climb on the mountain, you can be became fun little by little change environment. I will teach you what can you see the animals and the plants each the altitude on Mt.Fuji.

Around 5th station on Mt.Fuji. (Altitude : about 1400~2400m) -The animals and the plants on Mt.Fuji-

It is different that each the entrance gate of Mt.Fuji depends on altitude. Little by little the situation of mountain change from 5th ~ 6th.

-Nihonkamoshika (Scientific name : Japanese Serow)-

Japanese Serow is certified one of animals of Yamanashi prefecture. The body length is about 110cm that is smaller tha other Serow. It was designated as a special natural treasure. So please  watch over it.

-Mebosomushikui (Scientific name : Phylloscopus xanthodryas)-

The body length is about 13cm and whole body of this wild bird is green. The phylloscopus xanthodryas is one of the famous bird of living wild bird in the high altitude.

-Kusabotan (Scientific name : Clematis stans)-

The flower has many purple small flowers. And this shape is characteristic. This will be great for Instagram!

Around 7th or 8th station on Mt.Fuji. (Altitude : about 2700~3100m) -The animals and the plants on Mt.Fuji-

-Iwahibari (Scientific name : Prunella collaris)-

The bird’s color is gray and brown. So you might to find difficult to find it because the color of surface of Mt.Fuji and the bird’s body color look like same. But the form is so cute. We see some climbers that try harder to take a good picture of the bird. If you walk through near the bird, it thinks the climbers give feed. And therefore It comes.

-Amatsubame (Scientific name : Apus pacificus)-

The bird is smaller than other swallows. The flying style is surely the flying style of swallow. So you can find it easily.

-Hakusansyakunage (Scientific name : Rhododendron brachycarpum)-

The flower shows us beautiful pink flower.

-Ontade (Scientific name : Aconogonon weyrichii var. alpinum)-

Ondante has white flower. There is the plant to live strong about 2,400m ~ 3,100m. The timber line of Mt.Fuji is about 2,200m ~ 2,800m. There is no trees and instead of that, low height plants such as Ondante grow above around the area.

Each entrances of Mt.Fuji are different altitude, and you can see some animals and plants each route. If you concentrate to climb, you might not be able to see around the area. But in this situation, you will stop to climb, and look around your standing place. You may be able to meet good things on the great beautiful Mt.Fuji.

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