Mt.Fuji climbing outside the season

Mt.Fuji climbing outside the season

The season for Mt. Fuji climbing is determined from the beginning of July to the middle of September. Because Mt. Fuji boasts the highest altitude in Japan, it is very dangerous for climbers of beginners to climb at other times (in reality the death accident rate due to Mt. Fuji climbing in winter is quite high). To climb out of the season, it is necessary to experience at least the mountains in other winter months. I will explain the risk of Mt. Fuji climbing outside of the season here.

How is it be decided the season for Mt. Fuji climbing?

I would like to explain the dangers of Mt. Fuji climbing during the winter season by another column as a climbing expert. Here, we will explain the situation before the opening and after closing season. I also explained at the beginning, but the season for Mt. Fuji climbing is from the beginning of July to the middle of September. Some people think that what a miserable expression!  Basically the timing of the opening of the mountain is July 1st if it is Yoshida trail, but it may be displaced depending on the situation of snowfall. Even on July 1st there is still snow near the top of the mountain, and there are years when we are walking on the narrow climbing path where snow was scratched. That means it will be the beginning of July. By the middle of September, the time to end by the mountain climbing route is different, the Shizuoka side Fujinomiya trail, Gotemba trail and Subashiri trail are often end of the season at the end of August, the Yoshida trail which is the Yamanashi side is often the season until the end of the second week of September. So why is this season decided because it is a time to climb by putting physical fitness even for those who have little experience of climbing. This is a very big point that the hut is operating. Depending on whether the mountain hut is open or closed, the difficulty of climbing Mt. Fuji will have a difference of muddy. Of course, considering the aspect of the environment and cold, the Fuji climbing season is set as a period when it is possible for even beginners of mountaineering to go to the summit comprehensively.

Fuji climbing outside of the season is full of danger!

So what happens if you get off the season of climbing Fuji? First is Mt.Fuji climbing in June. As explained earlier, Mt.Fuji climbing opening time is decided by the effect of snowfall. That’s how much snow is left. Since thawing will progress at a stretch in June, if it is around the beginning of June there is a snow on the ground from the seventh stop and in the second half of June there is a snow on the ground just under the summit.
As snow remains, you need technology and equipment to cope with snow. The snow makes it slippery, and with ordinary shoes it is particularly slippery in the descending mountains, so Eisen becomes necessary.

But how about Fuji climbing in the second half of September? Speaking of the second half of September, it is a season full of excitement in autumn leaves on other mountains. How about Mt. Fuji? Actually, I myself like Fuji climbing in the second half of September. Mt. Fuji is quite when compared to summer crowd. Mt.Fuji also has such a nature! It is made to recognize again. However, two major risks are involved in late September. First of all, it is early for the sun to fall! It will get darker at 5 o’clock in September. It is as dark as you can not walk at six. Because the mountain hut is not open, you have to climb day trip. So you need to be careful about time. Another point is cold. Even though there are snow in climbing in June, you still feel warm, but Mt.Fuji climbing in the second half of September is quite cold. It is a season when snow falls, so you need equipment to cope with snowfall. Since Mt. Fuji climbing outside of the season will increase the risk, beginner climbers must avoid climbing out of the season.

The presence of the mountain hut is enormous!

I think that Mt. Fuji is the biggest reason why even beginners can climb mountains. The fact that there is a place where you can rush by not only a break but also the sudden change of the weather has a big meaning for climbing against nature. For Mt. Fuji climbing, the mountain hut is truly appreciated. Since the hut is only open during the season, it is a situation outside of the season to climb with their own power and come back. Since the level of mountain climbing rises so much, beginners will have tough mountaineering. Please understand that Mt.Fuji climbing outside of the season carries such risks as well.

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