How to wear the trekking boots.

How to wear the trekking boots.

It will begin to open the climbing routes on Mt.Fuji. Have you been to ready to climb Mt.Fuji? You have to bring some gears that are important to climb Mt.Fuji. For example, climbing sack, rain wear and rain pants, and etc.

Today I will write about how to take on the trekking shoes. Because the trekking shoes is one of the most important gears when you climb mountains. If the shoes doesn’t fit you like your toe are hit the inside the shoe and your foot isn’t fixed by the trekking shoe when you walk, you will not be able to climb because your foot will be injured. So I will teach you that you will not become injured such as above sentence.

How about the best trekking shoes when you select?

I said you have to take care of your foot as first. So you should prepare the trekking socks for the climbing mountain. The trekking socks has different points against ordinary socks. First, trekking socks are thicker than ordinary socks. The thickness of trekking socks is about 5mm. But the thickness of ordinary socks is about 2 ~ 3mm. Thus if you wear the trekking socks, your foot is bigger than before about 10 mm each direction. Why are the trekking socks so thick?

There are 2 reasons.

  1. To protect your foot from getting a blister on your foot.
  2. To fill the gap between your foot to inside the trekking boots.

If you wear the trekking boots wearing thin socks, you will get injury on your foot. Because you have to walk for long time (about a few hours) more than daily walking.

When you select the trekking , you shall select the 10mm bigger than usually wearing boots.

Let’s wear the trekking boots the same size when you wear the shoes ordinary.

  1. When you wear the trekking boots, your heel is fixed by the heel of inside the trekking boots.
  2. You will be untied the shoelase your trekking shoes.

Does your toe hit the inside of trekking boots? Does your base of the thumb or your base of the little toe hit the inside of trekking boots? If your toe hit the inside trekking boots, you have to change to wear lager trekking boots than you wearing.

Is hitting part of your foot to inside the boots only the upper surface of your foot? If it’s OK, you will change to wear your socks to the trekking socks and let’s wearing the trekking shoes. How do you feel your foot? Perhaps you feel more tight than you weared socks that is used ordinary.If so you will change the trekking boots larger 5mm than you wearing the one. Don’t you feel tight your foot? If you don’t feel tight, the shoe size is just fit your foot.

Let’s wearing the trekking boots that fits your foot and climbing Mt.Fuji!

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