The rainwear for Mt.Fuji climbing

The rainwear for Mt.Fuji climbing

You will walk in nature by Mt.Fuji climbing for long time. It is not fine all the time, and wind becomes strong, and it rains, and temperature falls down and you meets with various weather conditions. The clothes which can endure such situation are necessary. Although it is the part which a beginner in particular is apt to downplay, please read this by all means and let’s challenge Mt.Fuji climbing because it is concerned with personal security as well as the success or failure of Mt.Fuji climbing.

The clothes(wear) for when it is rain of Mt.Fuji climbing

You assume rainy weather by all means in the mountain and prepare so that it is said that the weather of the mountain is variable. You will stay more than one day in the mountain hut if you don’t choose day trip in the case of Mt.Fuji climbing, a risk caught in the rain rises. Don’t forget to take the tolerable clothes and equipment as rain or wind by all means.

The rainwear is needed definitely!

The rainwear is the wear which you should to take by all means for Mt.Fuji climbing! Besides, the rainwear for mountains is necessary. When I had not yet climbed a mountain, the mountaineer of the senior has been said to me that it rained from the bottom in the mountain. I doubt that such a thing cannot happen!, but it may really rain from the bottom!! Rain comes over to wind blowing up from every direction. You can hardly cope with rain like that by the plastic rain jacket. You need a rainwear for the mountains which can cut off the gap of the part of the collar and the part of the hem of the underwear, a neck and the head well is necessary. There are rainwears for mountain by from around 10,000 yen to thousands of yen that it is the high price, those difference is material. The rainwear which costs tens of thousands of yen made by material called the Gore-Tex, which the rain does not let it go through but the moisture go through. When you wore a plastic rain jacket, some people felt unpleasant because the rain jacket is stuffy very much. Because you sweat by the mountain climbing in particular, this heat gets a body wet, and it is with a fatal injury to cool it. The function intercept water is high and the function reducing this heat is very high is Gore-Tex, so the price is expensive. Please think that as difference in comfort. It is mainstream that this Gore-Tex is used in the mountain climbing shoes, and this miss the moisture, and, not to mention waterproofness, the comfort improves.

Rainy measures inside the backpack

It is goods in the backpack that another one point is important. It is common to cover with a cover said to be a sack cover. However, it cannot prevent perfectly by only this cover because rain fall from the various directions as having mentioned above. A backpack cover is a just supporting thing, so the true rain measures is inside a backpack. You put the goods which you do not want to get wet into the backpack in particular after wrapping it with waterproofing covers. Please take measures of waterproofs for the clothes for change in particular by all means. It is a great taboo in the mountain to get the clothes for change wet. If you don’t have waterproofing covers, It is available with a plastic bag in the appearance. The plastic bag of the supermarket make rustling sound in a mountain hut, so you should consider it a little to trouble the person of the circumference.

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