The necessary practice and training for Mt.Fuji climbing

The necessary practice and training for Mt.Fuji climbing

Mt.Fuji have charm that I want to climb there sometime. However, it is reckless to challenge Mt.Fuji climbing without practicing any. I introduce you what kind of training is effective for Mt.Fuji climbing.

Practice in other mountain for Mt.Fuji climbing

Mt.Fuji is popular for the beautiful figure at home and abroad. However, you really understand it should be severe natural environments contrary to beautiful looks when you climb it. In Mt.Fuji, the distress accident occasionally occurs, too. Therefore it will be good to practice the mountain climbing in other mountains before climb Mt.Fuji. Because it is difficult to continue the severe training, at first you will hike in the low mountain nearby as the first step! For example, Mt.Takao in Hachioji-shi of Tokyo is recommended in Kanto area. Difficulty of the mountain climbing is low, and it is charm that you start an exercise of the mountain climbing willingly. Or Daisen and Tonodake of Kanagawa are suitable as a training place for Mt.Fuji climbing, too. The traffic access of Daisen and Tonodake is good. Although these mountains is less low level than Mt.Fuji climbing, but you don’t know What happen if you are careless. It is necessary to practice as real Mt.Fuji climbing seriously.

The training for Mt.Fuji climbing

For Mt.Fuji climbing, you cannot miss training. It is physical strength to be important by mountain climbing above all. As a training method for the physical strength reinforcement, walking is helpful. It is the first step of the mountain climbing to develop power to walk, and it will be important to pile up basic training of walking well. While you move a body by walking, legs and waist become strong, and the heart and the lungs function is strengthened. But, it’s not enough only by training of the basic physical strength for Mt.Fuji climbing. The experience to climb the mountain is really necessary to acquire know-how of concrete mountain climbing. Even if it is a low simple mountain, mountain climbing of the beginning always comes together with the embarrassment. You can grab a trick to climb the mountain without being tired as possible and distribution of the physical strength by climbing a mountain when continue training that climb the mountain.

The beforehand care for Mt.Fuji climbing

Severe environment waits as it becomes of high altitudes in Mt.Fuji climbing. The equipment to climb the mountain safely has to wear it by all means. It is the equipment for step to be important. Trekking shoes is recommended for Mt.Fuji climbing. Because we may be hurt in a sharp rock and slip in the area that big debris rolls, let’s choose the shoes which suitable for mountain climbing as much as possible. In addition, you cannot miss the rain wear which you comprised at the time of bad weather and a backpack putting goods in. You should take water repellent finish before you use. When a rain wear does not possess a water-repellent function, it becomes the sense that got wet even if you do not get wet to the inside of the body, and it becomes fatigable, and a body will get cold. Possibility to be saved increases even if you face an accident of the emergency by Mt.Fuji climbing by the preparation of the prior water-repellent processing.

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