The clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing

The clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing

Even people who have never climbed mountains usually, Mt. Fuji would be a mountain you want to climb once if you are a Japanese or not. When such a beginner wants to climb Mt. Fuji, what is worrisome certainly is the question “What should I wear?” Many climbing beginners climb Mt. Fuji, but since it is the highest place in Japan, the possibility of being exposed to the harsh environment becomes higher accordingly. Let ‘s learn about Fuji climbing clothes firmly to respond to these environments!

Attention point of clothes 1 (note the cold)

Mt. Fuji climbing is a summer climb, but winter clothes are absolutely necessary. Even in summer, the temperature may be close to 0 degrees in Mt. Fuji where the altitude is high. Therefore, short sleeve and sleeveless are absolutely not good clothes. Since it feels cool even near fifth station, it is important to wear a solid warm clothes. However, the body may become warm while climbing. If you sweat it will cool your body, it is important to adjust your clothes with a windbreaker etc. as soon as you get out when it gets hot. Also, it is convenient to prepare another piece of clothing inside the backpack for when you feel the coldness beyond your imagination. Temperature control is an important point to make Mt. Fuji climb a success, so let’s prepare your clothes well in advance.

Attention point of clothes 2 (note the excessive preparation)

Anyway, I will bring a lot of clothes …. This is also not good. About 30 liters of backpack used for Mt.Fuji climbing is mainstream, and it has to be summarized in size to enter it. Imagine the smallest size of carry bags used for travel, it’s 30 liters. However, it is not that it is so square, so you will not enter more in practice. When packing a lot and heavy luggage, it has to be carried around for a long time, which makes it very tough. Of course, we have to bring not only clothes but also other things, so it is very important preparations for Mt. Fuji climbing how much you bring clothes.

Attention point of clothes 3 (assuming bad weather)

Some people ask “Do I not need rain gear if it does not rain?”. It’s Absolutely NO. It can be said that rain gear is the most important item in Mt.Fuji climbing. Of course, sometimes it is sunny all the way through Mt. Fuji climbing, the climate is warm, there may be cases that we did not use rain gear, but the person who is blessed with such a situation is very rare. As Mt. Fuji is still in the highest place in Japan, the weather is also easy to change, and the environment is also harsh. Not only is the oxygen amount 70% compared to the place we normally live, the average temperature is also 5 ° C, and the ultraviolet ray also increases by 40%. The strength of the wind and the strength of the rain are beyond imagination on the ground, and if it becomes slightly rough, it is as good as typhoon. It is Mt. Fuji that any of these environments can occur at any time, so it is necessary to bring all the equipment and clothes at Fuji climbing. It can not be prepared after something happens. Be sure to prepare clothing assuming bad weather!

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