What is Snow Bascket?【Trekking Poles】

What is Snow Bascket?【Trekking Poles】

The role of Snow Basket

If you use trekking poles (stock) without the attachments on snow hiking and snowy mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding in backcountry, the tips will be in the snow. It is hard to use in the situation. When falling and getting up, if your trekking poles has no attachments, you can not put your weight to them on the snow.

Therefore, we attach a snow basket as a resistance to the trekking poles of the snowy season. But even if the baskets are attached the poles, it will go down under the snow. But the resistance will be better than no snow basket and it will be difficult to become going down into the snow.

Snow baskets can be retrofitting and removing

Depending on trekking poles, snow baskets can be retrofitted as an option of the manufacturer. If your trekking pole type can be fitted with snow baskets, we recommend to prepare snow baskets in the snowy season.

Now, let’s bring your trekking poles with snow baskets and let’s go to the snowy mountains!

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