How to select a camping schlaf?

How to select a camping schlaf?

Q. How to select a schlaf to use in the camping?

A. You can choose the schlaff that will be used the place and the situation from three points of usage temperature zone, size and weight.

The using temperature zones of Schlaf


A schlaf has the comfortable using temperature and the limit using temperature. At first, you have to search the lowest temperature at the staying place. The case of using a schlaf for men is that the comfotable using temperature is equal the temperature of staying place.  But it for women is that might to add a margin of 2-3 degrees to the comfortable using temperature of Schlaf.

If you use the schlaf that the limit using temperature is equal the lowest temperature at the staying place, you cannot sleep by the cold temperature. When you select a schlaf, you need to search the limit using temperature.

A few years ago, the temperature zone of schlaf is not integrated in the world. Each camping manufacturing company desided the temperature zone. But purchasers were confused it. If they want to buy the useful schlaf, they needed some using experiences to buy it. Rescently, a standard called European Nome which is a standard adopted in Europe. It is a movement that has been changed the examination of each manufacturer to unified test.

However, not only the sleeping bags examined at European Nome are sold, and even the European Nome is the examination by the mannequin.

We think that it is important not to take the European Nome into consideration but to take it as an index.

The size of schlaf

It is not good to think only the temperature confortable of Schlaf. You have to think the size and the weight.

The size is desided by the inner cotton of Schlaf. Firstly it will change greatly with feathers and chemical fiber. If feathers are used it can be compacted as it can be compressed. In the case of chemical fiber, it can not be compressed and it will inevitably grow big.

If feathres are used in a shclaf, the price will be higher. Besides, the price is higher and higher, the quality will be better. And even a small amount of cotton can keep it warm and compact.

We recommend the size schlaf is depends on the using scenes, so you will choose a schlaf from there. Even in mountaineering use, I think that the situation will have to be taken into consideration depending on whether you bring it to a mountain with high altitude or take it to a mountain in the nearby place.

The weight of  Schlaf

In addition to the size of the schlaf, we also have to worry about the weight. Basically, the weight also increases in proportion to the size. It is lighter as a schlaf.

If it is specifications in the mountains of spring and autumn, about 400 ~ 500g of batting will be required and the total weight will be about 700 ~ 900 g. When it comes to winter, the inner cotton becomes 600 ~ 800g and the total weight increases to 1000 ~ 1500g and the weight increases.

The sheet for schlaf

For people who want to use Shruff forever, it is recommended to use sheets for schlaf. Washing the schlaf is very hard, but if you get sheets you can choose the washing machine at home OK!


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