What equipment should I bring for Mt.Fuji climbing? – Checklist for Mt.Fuji climbing –

What equipment should I bring for Mt.Fuji climbing? – Checklist for Mt.Fuji climbing –

I think there are many people who want to try Mt. Fuji climbing once but do not know what equipment to bring.

If you carry extra baggage, you will use extra physical strength for climbing.
On the contrary, if you reduce too much baggage, you will not be able to cope properly when you encounter an unexpected situation.

Then, we have summarized the checklist that you should bring at minimum when climbing Mt.Fuji.

Click here to download the checklist for climbing Mt.Fuji (July to August)

Equipment is important for Mt.Fuji climbing

Equipment is important for Mt.Fuji climbing.
It is often said that the weather in the mountain changes easily, but it is the same in Mt.Fuji.
Measures against cold is important because it can suddenly be raining even though it is sunny when climbing.

It is good to prepare rain gear such as rain wear and cold weather wear for not lowering body temperature.
Beginners are especially easy to forget rain gear, so please be careful.
Also, walking with trekking poles will make it easier to climb to avoid slipping your feet in rainy weather.

If it is sunny, it is useful to prepare a sunscreen cream as well because there are few wood shielding sunlight on Mt.Fuji and it will be received directly by the skin.

Difference in equipment of Mt.Fuji climbing between in July/August and September

You need to bring a bit different equipment for climbing Mt.Fuji in July/August and september.

September is about to start to feel cooler even near the surface of the earth.
You should prepare firmly because near the top of Mt.Fuji will get quite chilly.
We need to wear trousers and T-shirts made from the material that releases the sweat in July and August, but from September they need to be made of synthetic fiber which is not cold even if it gets wet.
Also, it is necessary to take measures not to release warmth by wearing a warm clothes which will block the wind like a wind breaker, and choose thick socks or overlapping them.

You can avoid cooling the body by taking a small pot and a stove and warming up the water or powder soup and drink it, If you still have a room for luggage.
Equipment that can get warm is the most important because if the body cools down, motor function will degrade and it will cause injury.

Preparation of equipment for Disaster Prevention of Mt.Fuji

As mentioned above, the mountain is a varied place. It is not only the weather, but also you should consider the possibility of falling rocks and so on and think about the equipment.
You should carry a helmet and goggles in case of falling rocks because it is not limited that there is no accident even though the trails of Mt.Fuji are chosen as a route with low risk.
The helmet that can be attached headlights is convenient because you can see the surroundings even in the dark. In that case, it is safe to prepare spare batteries.

If you also have long-lasting portable foods, mobile phones that you can contact immediately, and wristwatches to check the sunset time, it is useful in emergencies.

Preparation in advance is very important when climbing Mt.Fuji. Prepare firmly and enjoy climbing without trouble!

Confirm what equipment do you need in advance with a checklist

We have prepared the checklist of Mt.Fuji climbing equipment (summer version).
Not only the purchase, but also the rental, and the stuff which can be purchased at mountain huts when climbing Mt.Fuji are also listed in this checklist.

Let’s climb Mt.Fuji planning what to buy in advance, what to borrow, and what to buy while climbing!

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