“Droproof” is our original water repellent.

“Droproof” is our original water repellent.

What kind of the water repellent do you use to cover your outdoor jacket? My jacket is made of GORE-TEX. So I don’t need the water repellent. Is it correct? GORE-TEX has limit of the feature. So you need maintenance each the terms if you would like to use your jacket for a long time.

GORE-TEX company shows how to maintenance it on their website. But each working member of society has no time to do it in their own time.

Our Soranoshita Company has our original water repellent service. The name is “Droproof”. In addition of that, Soranoshita provides cleaning camp gears service. So you will be able to clean your favorite camp gears by our cleaning service after you came back from the camping.

What is “droproof”?

-The professionals of outdoor maintenance develop “droproof”-

“droproof” what is developed by our experience specializing in outdoor gear maintenance such as GORE-TEX and our technology is new technology of water repellent.

-The power of water repellent and durability-

If your outdoor gear was covered the technology of water repellent such as “droproof”, the quality would get back as same as the new one.  And the quality is able to keep for long terms in outdoor life such as climbing mountain and camping.

-The process does not impair moisture permeability-

Some of the water repellent do to cover the fabric. Our water repellent is developed for the climbing mountain gears. We process the way that it was selected the way that the waterproof-breathable fabric such as GORE-TEX isn’t lose the function.

Function test of water resistant coating of”droproof”

-Laundering fastness test-

We tested laundering back and forth under the way that JISL-0217-105 written agreement in law. Laundering test later, we tested the water repellent of laundered gear. Our water resistant coating is the high level adhesion on clothes and this cannot be easily to lack of the water repellent function under laundering back and forth.

-Shower endurance test-

The testing fabric covered water repellent was took shower continuously, and we measured the time that appeared the soaking into the fabric. Our water resistant coating can suppress penetration into fabric even in heavy rain.

-The check of the water repellent situation after immersion test-

We checked the test cloth treated with the water repellent finish was immersed in water for 5 days and the water repellent after that was confirmed. Our water resistant coating can keep the water repellent under attaching water continuously situation.

The rainy season has came in Japan. Our second hands rain jacket has covered “droproof” by our HQ.

Let’s wear our second hand rain wear and enjoy your rainy day!

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