Clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing -Although I am tired, can not layered frequently !?-

Clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing -Although I am tired, can not layered frequently !?-

How to adjust the temperature easily? [Clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing]

If you go to climb Mt.Fuji, you have to think about outdoor clothes and gear which you wear , because the temperature is changed intensely in mountains, so you need to layers. Also, the wind ifcs very strong on Mt.Fuji. You need to adjust the temperature easily by wearing and taking off the clothes to prevent the strong wind. If you are going to sweat, you have to take off 1 piece. And if you feel cold, you have to wear 1 piece. Early, frequently!

Almost people say this is common sense of the mountains. That’s right. It is not wrong.

However, will it be beginners to change clothes quickly?

Actually you are already tired when you take off one piece or wearing it.

At such time,
1, put the backpack down
2, put out my changing clothes
3, wearing one more
4, and then carry your backpack

It is painful for beginners even if it is told to do this frequently. Beginners think that it’s tough to have not sweated yet.

Recommended items for beginners are warmer goods [Clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing]

Therefore, the recommended one is a warmer.

1, leg (shin) warmer
2, wrist warmer
3, neck warmer
4, knit cap

Cold comes up from the ankle and body temperature runs away from the wrist, neck and head. You will shut out 4 places with a warmer. Although each is small, it has an incredible insulation effect. It is warm.

And the biggest benefit is to feel free to take off if it is hot except for legs (you do not need to take off leg one almost).

You don’t need to put backpack down. Even while walking you will take off.

If you use a long wrist warmer that wears a short-sleeved polo shirt and reaches to the sleeve, you can reduce one long sleeve from your luggage. It is unquestionable if it is quick drying with UV cut.

On Mt.Fuji, the dust goes to inside your trousers from the gap between bottoms of your trousers and your mountain boots.  If the dust entered your trousers or your boots, you cannot climb Mt.Fuji for long time. So what should we do? I recommend you should try to cover the instep and the ankle by spats. The spats have 2 important functions.

  1. Protecting dust, wind, snow, and the other into your trousers from outside.
  2. Warming your ankle.

If you’d like to climb Mt.Fuji, you might to bring the spats in one of the clothes.

When you climb the top area on Mt.Fuji, the temperature is like winter season around there. So you can’t help putting on outer wear. What clothes will you put on?
Down jacket? You can feel warm when you put on it. But it cannot protect you from wind, rain and snow.
Rain jacket? It can protect from rain, and snow. But it cannot release your sweat and temperature inside your clothes to outside.
Is there a clothes to solve problem just as described above in the world? Yes. The clothes is GORE TEX. (Actually, The clothes has “GORE-TEX” texture.)

What is “GORE TEX”? [Clothes for Mt.Fuji climbing]

What is GORE TEX? To put it simply, it protects you to enter rain, wind and snow from outside. Not only that, “GORE-TEX” can release sweat and temperature to outside. This function is advantage for climbing all mountains in the world. Of course, Mt.Fuji is no exception. If you’d like to know more detail about “GORE-TEX”, please do an Internet search.

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