What is “Fill power” of down jacket? 【Down / Feather】

What is “Fill power” of down jacket? 【Down / Feather】

The indispensable for outdoor leisure in winter is a warm down product such as schlafs and down jackets. Do you know the numerical value “Fill Power” that shows the product information?

We will write about “Fill power” in this time.

What is “Fill power”?

Fill power is a unit representing the height of the feathers. It is also the degree of bulging per ounce (28.4 g) of feather. And the feather put in the measuring cylinder expressed in cubic inches (2.54 cm cubic). This is an experiment that “How much air can fill in the feathers put in the cylinder?”

For example, in the case of “600 fill power”, one ounce of feathers bulge to a volume of 600 cubic inches. As the numerical value of fill power is larger, there are more feathers including air, so that you can say it is good quality down and warm because you get the insulation effect accordingly.

In other words, if the fill power is bigger and bigger, the schlaf will be better quality and warm down.

Next, we will describe the types of feathers (batting).

Down and feather (batting)

Some down products have item tags. “down 〇〇%”, “feathers 〇〇%” are displayed on them. Some products are made by mixing down and feathers.

We will explain the different points between a down and a feather.

“Down” is the chest hair that the part of feater is a waterbird’s chest. The hair is characterized by fluffy. It is a hair with high heat retention from the feature of storing air. Why is the down used the hair of waterbird’s? Because the fluffy down that can only be obtained from water birds.

“Feather”, as the name implies, is the feather part of a waterfowl. It has elasticity and breathability, but insulation performance is inferior to down because it has wing shaft like photo.

As stated above, down and feathers have their respective characteristics, so there are products with mixed.

Introduction the using product

【Product name】 mont bell “Alpine Down Parka”
【Material】 Outer material: 20 denier · ballistic R · nylon · lipstop
[super durable water repellent processing]· Lining: 20 denier · nylon · taffeta· Filling: 800 fill power · EX goose down
【Average weight】 414 g
【Storage size】 φ13 × 24 cm
It is compact storage capacity and lightweight model. It is also recommended for going out in cold places other than snowy mountains.

【Product name】 mont bell “Superior Down Jacket”
【Material】 10 Denier · Ballistic ® Air Light Nylon · Lipstop [Super durable water repellent finish · Antistatic finish]· Filling: 800 fill power · EX goose down
【Average weight】 188 g[Storage size] φ10 × 15cm
This is the inner down. The storage size becomes surprisingly compact.

【Product name】 mont bell “Superior Down Pants”
【Material】 20 denier · ballistic R air light nylon · ripstop [super durable water repellent finish · antistatic finish]· Filling: 800 fill power · EX goose down
【Average weight】 226 g
【Storage size】 φ11 × 17 cm
This is also a lightweight and compact model. It protects the feet that are easy to get cold.


Do you understand about fill power?
If you are planning to use down products by mountaineering or camping, please refer to “Fill power” and “percentage of down feathers” by all means.

However, there are also personal differences in the actual way of feeling. Because the feeling differs depending on the product or skin texture. So we recommend trying on them when purchasing.

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