Some steps of penetrating cold【Winter Camp】

Some steps of penetrating cold【Winter Camp】

You think, “winter camp” seems a bit difficult in the cold weather. But if you take some steps of cold, your camping will be different fun from the summer camp.

We will introduce about steps against the penetrating cold in “Winter camp”!

Setting to prevent penetrating cold

The comfort of the winter camp changes greatly depending on the shutting out of cold air from the ground. It depends on the place, the evening of the winter camping ground  will fall the temperature to minus. So set to prevent the penetrating cold and enjoy winter camp! I will explain the order of setting up a tent.

Ground sheet

Grand sheet can protect through rain or dirt from out side and it has an effect that protect the penetrating cold.


It might be cold, but in order to prevent dew condensation, so ventilations of the tent open as much as possible.

Tent mat and Silver mat

Urethan material tent mat can shut off cold air. So it can prevent cold air from the ground. Silver mat can be found at home center. But it has one of high level thermal insulation effect. When you use a silver mat, the silver side is top.  Silver part has the functioin of reflection your own heat, the silver part is possible to keep the warm temperature inside the tent. To comfort in the tent changes greatly depending on the silver mat or not. It is more effective to use a tent mat and silver mat.

Sheet and Blanket

You can keep warm your feet by spreading things with thermal insulation. If the camp site has AC power, you can use hot carpet and electric blanket. If you don’t have sheet, you can substitute cardborad for them.

Schlaf mat

Schlaf mat is one of the indispensable items for winter camp because it prevents cold air as well as the unevenness of the ground.

Inflator mat is an intermediate between urethane mat and air mat. It is good even people who don’t feel good by the hardness of urethan schlaf mat. In addition, you can take a distance from the ground by using a cot. The cot is never contact with the ground, a layer of air is between the ground and the cot. So the cool air reaches hardly to your body. When you are worried about cold, you can increase the heat retention by schlaf mat or blanket on the cot.


The “mommy type of schlaf” is the shape to fit your body, so it can ensure high heat retention. Despite being inside the tent, you may use the all season model.

In addition, using camping sheets and schlaf covers can increase warmth. Or you can raise the warmth of schlaf by overlapping another schlaf.

The items of heating

Tent shoes

Other words, “slippers in the tent”. It can warm your feet sensitive to cold. It is fluffy and warm. We reccomend it because you wear them while you sleep in a schlaf.

hot-water bottle

Preparation of hot water is necessary but excellent in cost performance. The warmth of hot water is comfortable.Please be careful with low temperature burns.

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