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Checklist of Mt. Fuji Climbing

Use this as a check list to prepare your climbing gears.
This list is made for climbing in July to August.
The information is based on May 2015.

GearsFeaturesSoranoshita deals availability at the hutnecessitycheck
Gears for safety and protection
Sack30L with a waist belt is preferable. How to pack and carry is also an important issues.Rental & for saleunavailable
RainwearVinyl coat is no good. Gore-Tex is highly comfortableRental & for saleunavailable
HeadlightTake an extra battery with youRental & for salebatteries are available
Trekking ShoesAnkle high and with strong sole. Water-proof material is necessaryRental & for saleunavailable
Socks / StockingsShould be thick and quick-dry materialOnly for saleunavailable
Wears against the coldLight-weight down or fleeceRental & for saleunavailable
Trekking PantsQuick-dry material is recommended. Cotton is no good.Rental & for saleunavailable
Middle wearLight to middle thick long-sleeved shirt and T-shirt. Cotton is no good.Only for saleunavailable
Base layerWater absorbing and quick dry sport shirt is comfortable in summer.Only for saleunavailable
HatBroad-brimmed hat to cut Ultra Violet Ray. Knitted hat for sun rise watching.Rental & for saleavailablein some
Canteen/hydrationTake at least 1L or more water with you. Hydration is useful.Rental & for saleavailable: water 500yen
Snacks/energy foodEasy to eat, packed one by one snack. Such as soft cookie and doughnut.Not availableavailable
Mt. Fuji climbing route map/mapLook at the map and make an image beforehand. We provide an App.An App is providedAvailable in some
MedicinesPain-killer such as Loxonin or Aspirin is useful.Not availableunavailable
First Aid Taping is useful in case of accidentNot availableunavailable
Survival SheetSo called "Silver Sheet" or Aluminum sheet. @ to,000 at the stores.Only for saleunavailable
Mobile PhonesTurn it on only when necessary.Not availableunavailable
Insurance CardBetter to have it with you just in case. You can show it later, as well.Not availableunavailable
Equipment to reduce weariness
Trekking PolesThey help reduce the leg tiredness' especially in climbing down Mt. Fuji.Rental & for saleKongotsue or wood stick is sold
Support TightsThe beginners are recommended to choose the ones that help joints and muscle movements.Rental & for saleunavailable
Portable OxygenNot only caned but also oxygen drink and food are available. Only for saleavailable
UV protection cream/lotionUltra Violet ray is 40 % more at the summit. Make sure to protect your skins.not availableAvailable in some
Snacks (Supplements)Some Amino acid supplements reduce muscle fatiguenot availableavailable
Equipment to make climbing comfortable
change of clothesThe beginners tend to take too many. Underwear, socks and undershirt are enoughnot availableunavailable
SpatsThey prevent rain and sand from coming into your shoes.Rental & for saleAvailable in some
GlovesWind and water proof are preferableRental & for saleAvailable in some
SunglassesIn sunny days, Ultra Violet Ray is strong. They protect your eyes from this glairiness.Rental & for saleAvailable in some
Sack coverBig plastic bag can be used instead.Rental & for saleAvailable in some
Facial maskSandy dust might be awful. You might need it to protect your face and eyes.not availableAvailable in some
TowelIf you have a towel scarf around your neck, it keeps you warm as you wait to see sun rise.Only for saleAvailable in some
Wet tissue paper/WipeNo shower or bath is available. Wiping off your sweat makes you comfortablenot availableAvailable in some
Toilet paperYou'd better take it with you in case they don't have one.Only for sale@ at the toilet
Plastic bagsTake a garbage box size and a supermarket size.not availableunavailable
Disposable pocket body warmerNight at the summit is as cold as winter in Tokyonot availableAvailable in some
Ear plugsFor better sleep at the hut, you should have them.not availableunavailable
Money in cashIf you have some, they might be helpful in some way or another.not availableunavailable
Wrist watchCheck and find out the time of sun-rise. 4:30 am to 5:00 in July and August.Rental & for saleunavailable
Gears to add another enjoyment
CameraKeeping it in your pocket to warm helps to keep the battery.not availableunavailable
RadioInformation about the mountain and weather makes your climbing more enjoyableOnly for saleunavailable
Small burnerThose who want to eat cup noodle or drink coffee at the top must take. Don't forget fuel.Rental & for saleunavailable
Cup noodle/coffee etc.You can buy them at the huts. About 500 yen including hot waternot availableavailable
AltimeterIt tells you that you are progressing.Rental & for saleunavailable
BinocularsYou can enjoy night sky with stars as well as sceneryunavailable

You must take : ◎
Take it if possible : ○
With it you can be more comfortable and enjoyable: △

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