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Rental Agreements

1. Completion of contract
Rental contract will be completed when the customer puts reservation order and the shop accepts it.
The shop might reject to offer the rental service when we check the order conditions.
In case of rejecting, the shop does not bear any responsibility to explain the reason of rejection.

*??? If you live in abroad, we might not able to rent items even while you are staying in Japan.???
2. Rental Period
Rental period is the date written in the statement of delivery

If you pick up your rented items after the starting date or you cannot pick-up them during re-delivering period (within a week of the first delivery) on any reasons of customers condition, the agreed rental period cannot be changed.
After re-delivering period has passed and rental items return to the delivering center, rental contract will be terminated. In case of this termination upon customers’ condition, the customers must pay the full rental fee.
3. Rental fee
The customers will pay to the shop the rental cost (thereafter “rental fee”) that is calculated upon the rental cost table valid at the date of rental contracted, shipping cost and other cost together with consumption tax.
*Some rental items require the deposits from the customers beforehand. ????
4. Rental Items delivery
The shop will deliver or hand the rented items to the customer on the date of rental starting date at the designated shop in Japan. The customer will return them on the date of rental ending day.
5. The area of gurantee
We will change the rental items if it does not work properly during the rental period due to malfunction which is not caused by the customer’s responsibility.

If there is no substitution, we will refund the rental fee.
*We will not refund beyond rental fee that you payed.

Otherwise, the shop will not take any responsibility of compensation toward customers, except we owe intentional or severe faults.
We might cancel the rental contract in case of requiring extra amount of cost or time to repair the rental items or exchanging the items mentioned previously.
The shop will not take any responsibilities upon the following situations:
  • The damage while the customer is using, placing, and keeping the rented items, and the damage that customer causes to the third party.
  • The damage that the customers get because the rental items cannot be used during the rental period.
  • The damage that the customers get when the purpose of rental contract is not fulfilled because of the accident during the delivery of the rented items.
  • The damage that the customers get because the rented items cannot be used. ?????????
6. Rental items usage and keep
The shop will not take any responsibilities upon the damage caused by the carelessness of the customers when they are using the rented items.
The shop will not take any responsibilities upon the damage that the purpose of the rental item is not fulfilled.
The customers cannot let the third party use the rented items, or give away, pawning, re-rent to others. Also the customers are not allowed to change or remodel the rented items.
Upon receiving the rented items, the customers must check their shape and numbers.

When you find any damage or loss, the customers are to inform the shop about it without delay.
The shop will not accept any complaint about it after the rental starting date or ending date
The customers are to return them just like the similar condition of the rental starting time.
The shop can ask for the extra charge if they find abnormal dirtiness that requires special treatment.
The customers should read the “usage manual” and “leaflet of rental item usage” and understand how to use them and start using them.
7. Violation of usage of the rental items
If the rental items are lost or damaged due to the cause done by the customers, or the customers violate ownership toward rented items, the shop will ask the customers to compensate for all the damage such as the amount of re-purchase the item, or cost to repair the items.

In case of the lost or stolen, the customers are to inform the shop immediately as well as to report a theft to the police and inform the shop the registered number.
8. Return the rented items
In case of the no contact from the customers more than 3 days after the rental ending date, or the customers violate this contract the shop can cancel this rental contract without noticing the customers. 

In this case, the customers must return the rental items immediately.
After the contract is cancelled, the customers must pay the delay charge together with violation charge, which is the same amount of the delay charge.
If the shop judges that the customer cannot return the items, the shop will ask the customers to pay for the re-purchase cost together with the violation charge.
9. Extending the rental period
If the customers want to extend the rental period, the customers have to ask for it by the noon of the rental ending date.
But if the same item has already reserved by other customers, the shop cannot accept the extension require.
And if the shop cannot extend the period, the customers must return it by the end of the designated date without delay.
If the customers delay the return and that causes loss for the shop, the shop can ask the customers to compensate for it.

If the customers want to extend the rental period, the rental cost is charged on the rental fee table as it is said “1 day after the period”
But if the customers extend the rental period without telling it beforehand, the shop will charge 1.3 times as much as ordinary extended fee.

*The shop will not accept rental extension during June to September.
10. Extending the rental period
If the shop cannot complete the delivery before the rental starting date due to irresistible force such as natural disasters, fire, war or conflicts, the shop does not take any responsibilities of delay while such situation continues to be there.
However, the shop might reduce the rental fee by calculating date ratio for the period that the customers cannot use the rented items.
11. Cancellation fee
After your reservation order is completed, cancellation fee will be charged from 2 days prior to the rental starting date if you want to cancel your reservation.
Detail cancellation fee is written below.
If we receive the cancellation notice by 3:00 pm Japan time, we take it the date as cancellation date.
If the cancellation notice is after 3:00 pm Japan time, the cancellation notice date is counted as the following date.
  • The shop will return the money after deducting cancellation fee and money transfer fee.
  • If the cancellation date is 3 days prior to the starting date, no charge.
  • Later than the above listed, 100% of the rental cost.
The shop can give out or mortgage our right of this contract to the third party such as banks and financial institutions.
12. In case of something is missing upon the returning
If something is missing at the time of returning the rented items, 30 % of delay fee will be charged until the missing item is returned.
The shipping cost to return the missing item must be paid by the customer.
If that delay causes some loss to the shop, the shop will ask the customer to compensate for it.

If the customer lost the item, the customer must pay the re-purchase price.
13. Others
The shop asks the customers to pay the deposits for renting the expensive items besides rental fee.
If it is personal registration, the maximum limit for one rental order is 300,000 yen based on the value price at the shop.
14. Nonfulfillment of a contract
In case of delaying without noticing to the shop, or do not return the rental items 2 weeks after the ending date without any contact, or false address and other information is offered, or telephone cannot be connected, the shop will report the damage to the police and take a legal action.
15. A competent court
If the shop has to take any legal action, the local court of the location of our head office should be the first exclusive court.
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