About clothes of the Fuji mountain climbing②

I commented on matters that require attention on preparing about clothes of the Fuji mountain climbing mainly in ①.
By the way, I give an example more concrete this time and explain it.

  • In the foot, the mountaintop is winter in the summer! The Fuji mountain climbing supports by wearing clothes one over another

    A starting point is the 2,300m level by Yoshida route, and the mountaintop becomes the 3,700m level even if I climbed Mount Fuji from the fifth stage. It becomes altitude difference approximately 1,400m, and it is big, and even temperature and wind change if only this is wrong. Even weather is different on the fifth stage and the mountaintop if I say more. Besides, after all the temperature and the wind and the weather change in night and each in the morning at noon because they walk in 2 days and 1 night. Yes, it is. !It is the change that I do not readily experience it for the common sense on we ground, but the Fuji mountain climbing is the thing that environment turns into only this around. Unreasonableness impossible as for coping in one clothes for this change.
    Then what should I do?
    You should prepare for summer clothes and winter clothes if I think simply, but when it is it, baggage increases and carries it very much and cannot aim at the mountaintop.

  • Clothes (daytime time) of the walk beginning

    At first, in the case of fine weather, I begin mountain climbing with a light style as of the walk beginning in the fifth stage – seventh stage. I begin to walk and the spirit are full, too and are apt to do my best just carelessly still more. It becomes easy to sweat. I let clothing absorb the sweat quickly, and it becomes important to dry. A dry T-shirt for sports will be good. The wet by the rain and the sweat which I raked do not dry in the T-shirt of the cotton and remain much more unpleasant. I prepare a thing of the fast-dry material including underwear. When because the rental prepares under the sky, it inflects.
    The jeans are absolutely NG. When I was caught in the rain, I get heavy without the wet drying.
    Then how about the jersey? と is not bad at all if I say. It is light, and there is the quick-drying and thinks that it is functional because the kineticism is good. There is not the person of many jerseys, but how about the person to be able to never prepare examining it.
    In addition, the ultraviolet rays become very strong when in the high place. With a dry T-shirt, the style called the short length underwear, the exposure of the skin should match the undershirt of long sleeves, functional tights with a reserve, the bottom as much as possible. The type that saliva gains saliva to not only the previous part but also the neck muscle will be good for the hat.


  • Clothes for the mountaintop

    Mean temperature is 5 degrees Celsius on the mountaintop, and the bodily sensation temperature lowers more because wind strongly blows, besides. Actually, it will be that it is cold at the same level as the depth of winters if I say in Tokyo. It becomes at the midnight when the time when the person to want to see a view of the sunrise from the top of a high mountain on the mountaintop climbs it for the mountaintop is the coldest. With “an intention of the below-zero cold!” There cannot be the thing that it is lack even if I prepare for と. Therefore, a thermal is required by the Fuji mountain climbing. The winter clothes coming in a town are inconvenient for Fuji mountain climbing even if I enter so to carry it. After all a thermal for mountains is convenient for the mountain. Let’s take the thing which we can put away the down jacket with the thing which down of high quality is used for compactly and can maintain warmth. At the same time, it is convenient when there is the lightweight fleece.
    It is storm measures to be the most important. I do not expose skin to light as much as possible. It becomes the rainwear to make an outstanding performance here! If it does not rain, it is not necessary? The と beginner is apt to think just carelessly, but, in fact, often uses the rainwear as arrival at thermal, storm in the mountain. A rainwear is the most important item as both mountain climbing and Fuji mountain climbing.
    Furthermore, do not cool the end; there should be the item which can cover an ear to save it. I think that I am useful when there are a knit hat and a glove. I think that they do not need to take an exaggerated thing as a muffler, but it is a towel muffler, and protection against the cold measures are perfect if they use even just the towel for the thermal insulation of the neck!