About clothes of the Fuji mountain climbing④

I do the commentary about the clothes at the time of the descent from a mountain about clothes of the Fuji mountain climbing in ④.
The place that was the hardest by Fuji mountain climbing? I usually answer with “descent from a mountain” if I hear と.
I perform the severe part only by the descent from a mountain and the commentary.

  • At the time of a descent from a mountain

    It is cloud of dust measures to require attention at the time of a descent from a mountain. There is red earth on Mount Fuji on a lava zone and is covered in the snow during the winter, but when it is in summer, I begin to appear, and a cloud of dust does not stand so because it is a because of rain wet state in the rainy season during July, but when it is with August when a fine day continues, the surface soil dries, and the expression of Mount Fuji gradually changes in a color of the red earth, and a considerable cloud of dust dances at that time. I want to take measures by all means to go along many places of the red earth at the time of a descent from a mountain by Yoshida route, 須走 route, the Gotemba route.

    I take measures with mask & sunglasses!

    Let’s take the mask!
    It is not necessary to be an expensive mask. Because it is a mask to prevent you from breathing in direct sand, it is all right with a rest product of the mask which I used at the age of pollen! It is a towel and it is a bandana and can substitute it, but after all the mask which does not need to mind a gap is convenient.
    It is the place where I want to take the sunglasses!
    A person of the particularly hard contact is absolutely necessary. I put it on and had climbed the hard contact without sunglasses before Fuji, but was already to be serious. It keeps on a mesh hurting, and crying all the time. You must descend a mountain while closing its eyes and learn what I did not push forward at all. Sunglasses are necessities for the person of the contact. When after all a cloud of dust gets into eyes, even the person who does not wear contact lenses hurts. I will take the sunglasses regardless of contact presence.

    It is +α in spats!

    I can take measures of +α in spats.
    I use the spats (gay terとも is called) by the role that snow prevents from entering the shoes, but originally use it as a purpose to prevent that rain enters the shoes by the mountain climbing. This develops and uses it so that gravel and a pebble are not in the shoes by the Fuji mountain climbing. I do not mind such a careful thing! I think the という to come, but am interested when after all a pebble is in the shoes. Let’s put it on by a descent from a mountain if we have spats.

  • Trekking Paul (stock) makes an outstanding performance! !

    When the trekking pole (stock) rents it, “is it necessary for Fuji mountain climbing from a visitor?” ? と is good and is asked. In the case of return, “it was impossible when I had I recommended it and take it even if “I thought that I was deceived first of all and would take it” and did not say とまでは when there was not this” (trekking pole)! !とほとんどのお visitor says! A difference seems to be such big in the image of the beginning of the beginner and an image when I really used it. It is from such a reason thing that it was good to take it by a rental, that No. 1 is a trekking pole magnificently (stock).
    Why does an image change though beginners asks? I seem to think that it is not necessary for even Fuji mountain climbing if I say と because in the first place I do not need a stick by a normal walk by the everyday life. However, fatigue is in a state in the days of the descent from a mountain. The foot faces the state that must go down the good steep slope in the state of the calyx calyx for several hours. I come there and am late even if I grieve when “it is like that, and やっぱり was necessary”. If become the super fatigue state, want to cling to straw; it is natural to feel, and is the trekking pole dispersing in a hand by the power of the foot the existence that is what thankful for? Even if oneself thinks that it is all right, let’s prepare for a trekking pole in consideration of a fatigue state from a questionnaire result because it is the Fuji mountain climbing that there are many opinions to be unexpectedly very hard.