Introduction of Mount Fuji mountain trail Fujinomiya Route①

It is コボ of the rental staff whom the sky made.

It is the introduction ofthe Mount Fuji Fujinomiya Route mountain trail” where there is a receipt, the return of the rental product which I did of the sky at the fifth stage today.


★The Fujinomiya Route mountain trail sees the sea all the time!

For a mountain trail in the sea side of Mount Fuji, I can climb a mountain while looking down at the Pacific all the time if it is fine.
It may be said that the view is bending fingers in each mountain trail of Mount Fuji.
On the day when atmosphere is clear, I can overlook Gulf of Suruga!
I do not put the photograph daringly. Please check it with eyes of oneself; 笑.
Because the distance of the mountain trail is shortish, heart and soul lighten by scenery and the sea breeze that may take, and can reach the summit in no time; is 笑

★Stand, dining room “fifth stage rest house”  only at the Fujinomiya Route fifth stage

As for Fujinomiya Route, only a stand, one dining room is at the fifth stage.
The outward trip will depart after preparing well here.
The return journey eats rice with all noisily while looking back on a memory of the Fuji mountain climbing, and I buy a souvenir, and, please return.

★I come by “fifth stage rest house” , a receipt, the return of the Fuji mountain climbing rental article under the sky

I give a business trip to Soranoshita store to “fifth stage rest house” at the Fujinomiya Route fifth stage between 7/10 – 9/13.
A receipt, the return of “the Fuji mountain climbing rental article” which made a reservation under the sky is possible.
The business period to 7/10 – 9/13.
Time in is until from 9:30 to 15:00.
Even if it is past time in, you can keep the business hours of a fifth stage rest house at a stand, but, please pay 500 yen as charges for custody at a stand per person.
Please confirm store information, the map here.

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Then it is the next time again!