About a style of the mountain climbing

Even if it says mountain climbing to a mouthful, it is mountain climbing that climb the mountain to see from a house, and it is mountain climbing that climb the high mountain of foreign countries.
I express it using a low mountain hike, division called Alpine Electronics.
There is the mountain climbing of what kind of style roughly here or explains it while there are very various variations.

  • No snow period mountain climbing

    A best season of the mountain climbing is a season full most from the summer to the autumn. At this time, the snow melts in the climax of 3,000m grade from the 2,000m latter half and can worship magnificent scenery on the peak. I point to the style made high place mountain climbing at time without the snow. The Fuji mountain climbing will be classified here, too. The mountain climbing equipment that I did well is necessary so as to become the high place because the environment becomes severe. Because 100,000 yen costs when I prepare one set of real mountain-climbing equipment, at first there is the method called the rental.
    It will be the thing that scenery full of the charm depends on still more that I cannot taste by the low mountain hike.

  • Mountain traversing mountain climbing

    It is the mountain climbing of the style to change the mountain in mountain climbing from some peaks to the peak for no snow period. I carry a mountain hut day or a tent on my shoulder, and night or more quite climb a mountain to do it. There are many people who are particular about mountain traversing mountain climbing in a tent day. It is charm of the tent day mountain climbing that I can taste a sense to be united with nature. But physical strength is necessary to carry a tent on its shoulder, and to walk for hours. As well as a tent, mat, the cooking tool increase the sleeping bag and, more than 10 kg in the summertime, will carry nearly 20 kg on my shoulder in the winter.

  • Alpine climbing

    It is mountain climbing called the Alpine Electronics-style. I make full use of a rope and a tool and travel across an objective mountain and the objective route. Every technique and knowledge is required and is technical mountain climbing. A purpose is different from the free climbing to mention later, and this makes full use of every tool, and, anyway, it becomes the purpose to aim at the mountaintop.
    It becomes the climbing in the winter season if I climb it in winter.

  • The snow period mountain climbing

    In mountain climbing with the snow there is no it, and the harshness is greatly different. The beauty is particular because is severe, and who is; “there is the essence of the outdoor in winter”! What said と can nod. Even as for the same root of the same mountain with the snow there is no it, and the degrees of difficulty are greatly different, and, in addition, the experience is necessary for a technique, knowledge, too. Because the cold is severe, in – February, I call it with mountain climbing in mountain climbing for the cold winter period at time with much snow for the snow period in late December and am admired. I combine climbing mountain climbing with mountain climbing for the snow period, and there is the style called the climbing in the winter season, and rope work and a weather prediction, basics physical strength and technology trained more are demanded.
    A weather prediction becomes in particular important, and, as for the snow period mountain climbing, it can be in a situation that I easily lose my life if one step misjudges. I cannot climb the snow period if I cannot judge cancellation of the mountain climbing, the re-routing when weather is unstable. I may be surprised at a person enjoying only mountain climbing for no snow period, but I plan it, and I think, and what can reach the summit really climbs around 30%. Let’s think that it is already happy if we can come across the mountaintop excellent at scenery openly!
    In late years the style called the backcountry comes out, and this climbs the mountain with a ski and snowboarding, and it is with a style sliding down. I will challenge the backcountry if I get tired of the slope! !But the backcountry becomes a snowslide and the hair’s breadth. When I do a backcountry including the outbreak mechanism of nature of the snow and the snowslide, study is necessary.

  • Free climbing

    There is the part which is near to alpine climbing, but it is with form this climbs the rock face for a style to aim at the ben by the climbing or to climb the route in the rock face. There is the element of sports rather than mountain climbing, too and calls climbing Alpine Electronics climbing, and call it, and this is distinguished from free climbing. The biggest difference is that the Alpine Electronics climbing assumes that the free climbing falls for the thing which must not fall which never assumes a crash although I ensure the security with a rope. On the other hand, I can challenge a difficult rock face and root. Because there is not it for the purpose of climbing the peak, I climb the rock soaring with only to one’s hand and foot without using the tool basically.