Fuji mountain climbing belonging check list

It is コボ of the rental staff whom the sky made!
I answer the question from a visitor today.

Q.I climb Mount Fuji for the first time, but I do not know it what I should take, but prepare for … A. Soranoshita prepare for, “Mount Fuji mountain climbing belonging check list“.
Because you can download it from this, please inflect in preparation for Fuji mountain climbing.


★In “the Mount Fuji mountain climbing belonging check list which the sky where a grasp island carries the thing which I can rent under the sky, a thing purchasing beforehand, the thing which I can purchase locally on its back well did ,” a rental displays the thing which can purchase the prior purchase, field to know it.
I utilize a check list by all means if we think that you can buy it locally so that there was not it, and there is not ということが, and let’s prepare well.

★If there is an essential thing, a more comfortable しめるものそらのした “Mount Fuji mountain climbing belonging check list” displays the necessary degree.
A degree necessary for even the person who wants to lighten baggage as much as possible in the one where physical strength does not have much confidence will prepare the high thing by all means to a minimum. What I do not take because it becomes heavy though it is necessary is not good in security.

The one that is confident of physical strength thinks that the thing having low necessary degree may be taken.
But it does not recommend that to take this with … either.
I think well once again, and it is important by the mountain climbing to minimize the equipment whether it is really necessary.

★The important equipment lasts by oneself
Including Fuji mountain climbing, it is basic by the mountain climbing that one’s baggage lasts by oneself.
In the case of an emergency, the preparation, one’s body must have the important equipment by oneself as “personal equipment” to protect it by oneself.
“A thing having high necessary degree” hits it if I say in a check list.
“The personal equipment” packs it by oneself without entrusting a person and confirms it, and what I have by oneself during mountain climbing is important.
On the contrary, “the thing which does not have high necessary degree” thinks whether I may match in a family and friends depending on physical strength in a check list.

★I can return the thing which I rented under the sky in a local store, tie-up shop!
Returning is empty-handed, and the thing which the equipment that is high in a necessary degree rented under the sky can return if I return it in a local store and a partner shop!
It is quite hard to become dirty, and to take the equipment getting wet home.
A rental or the purchase or the one troubled with thinks that you can add such a point to an element of the examination.

Today’s HowTo そらのしたはここまでです.
Please utilize “the Mount Fuji mountain climbing belonging check list” which you did of the sky effectively.
See you!