What is the most necessary equipment for Mt.Fuji climbing? 【Mt.Fuji climbing questionnaire】

What is the most necessary equipment for Mt.Fuji climbing? 【Mt.Fuji climbing questionnaire】

Beginners for climbing who is planning to climb Mt. Fuji this year are wondering what to bring when climbing Mt. Fuji and what kind of equipment is necessary. I took a questionnaire to those who rented at Soranoshita and climbed Mt. Fuji, “What was the thing that you were happy to take at the time of Mt. Fuji climbing?”

”Trekking pole” was the No.1 in the required equipment ranking!

As a result of the questionnaire, the equipment that many people felt good to have brought was a trekking pole. Everyone seems to be unnecessary at the beginning, it is a feeling that they borrowed from the trekking pole that accompanies it when they rented it as a set. Because trekking poles are not necessary when you are healthy. It is this trekking pole that demonstrates the effect when it gets tired from getting out of energy! Beginners can not imagine when they were tired, so they do not think that trekking poles are necessary at first. I tried hard and climb, but my feet are heavily fatigued. Actually, we need to step on foot especially at the time of the descent of Mt. Fuji. Some people do not descend hard by heavily fatigued feet, they pay a high amount of money and get on a horse and go down. Always assuming the worst situation is the basis of climbing.

”Rain wear” was the No.1 in the required clothing ranking!

Several voices saying that it was good to take even in the questionnaire are rain wear is equipment that I also want you to bring. Recently, if you forget Rainwear, there are cases where guides can not take above the fifth station. Even if it is sunny at the beginning of climbing, it is common for Mt. Fuji in the summer that clouds will come out and rain will fall off quickly at the summit. Also, since Mt. Fuji is a single peak, the wind is always blown away by wind blowing and the wind is always strong. Therefore, rain wear becomes necessary as countermeasures against cold weather, especially as wind protection measures. Because there was no rain concern in the weather forecast, I do not have to take it! That is absolutely useless.

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