How to choose Mt.Fuji climbing trousers 【Trekking pants required?】

How to choose Mt.Fuji climbing trousers 【Trekking pants required?】

Avoid cotton long trousers for Mt. Fuji climbing

The trousers made for mountaineering are called trekking pants, and trekking pants are better “pants material” compared with ordinary pants. Climbing trousers the beginner’s most erroneously selected pants are long pants of cotton material. Indeed, many Fuji climbers wear cotton pants. Cotton pants are not suitable for climbing. Especially jeans are useless.

So why are cotton pants not suitable for climbing? Let’s list the characteristics of the cotton material.

① Excellent initial water absorbency
② Heavyweight
③ Hard to pass the wind
④ Hard to grow and shrink
⑤ Heavy
⑥ Hard to dry

It can be said that ①, ②, ③ are suitable for climbing. The part that sucks sweat, prevents injury, does not pass the wind is very good. However, ④, ⑤, ⑥ is bad enough that its advantages will blow away. The point which is heavy, difficult to stretch and shrink, make inconveniences the bend extension of the foot, promoting fatigue. Also, if it gets wet with sweat and rain, it is already hell. Because it is not easy to dry, body temperature is deprived, and it gets wet and sticks, so you get tired more and more.

Trekking pants function

Most of the trekking pants used for summer Mt. Fuji climbing are basically made of chemical fibers. It is light and stretchy, made of material with excellent water-absorbing quick-drying properties. Since it stretches and shrinks, it does not disturb the movement of the foot, it will dry soon even if it gets wet, so we can preserve body temperature and physical strength.

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Half pants/Culottes pants /Skirt for climbing

As a traditional clothes for climbing, there are half-pants style. It’s cool, cute and still very popular style. Of course, it is not only good looking but also functional. In the past, there was no light and stretchy material like the current trekking pants, so half pants style was born so as not to disturb the movement of the knee. The half pants style is easy to move because it does not disturb the movement of the knee. In addition, because it does not catch the hem, it is hard to fall, light and reduces danger. Also, when wearing rainwear, there is less feeling that feet will cling together, and it is comfortable. However, in the case of half pants or skirt style, if you leave your knees and shins exposed, you will get injured when you fall. For half pants or skirt style, it’s better to wear support tights underneath. Tights made of chemical fiber are fine, but support tights for sports support muscle strength by light tightening, so it has an effect on fatigue alleviation. With traditional half pants style, let’s prepare dedicated socks although it’s a bit expensive.

Soranoshita rents half-pants and skirts for mountaineering. In addition, there are also rental of support tights with high functionality and high price when you buy!

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